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  1. I would venture to suggest Coach McGlone has forgotten more than both you and I ever knew about football ‘shelper. Give the man some respect…that “same game plan he has done forever” put Russell on the map. Sorry I missed seeing this 4th win in a row for Raceland over Russell. This is starting to stretch the definition of a "rivalry" game. Great job Rams! Best of luck in the playoffs.
  2. Thanks, Ram.....Junior and I may very well be looking for our orange shirts...I have one stuffed in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.
  3. Looks like it might be a good time to visit Putnam Stadium again, guru....come and see for yourself. Echo both of those points doc....
  4. I have thought about what this team and a Raceland family has been dealing with all week long. Getting back out there and doing what you enjoy doing has a wonderfully healing effect. Best of luck tonight Rams! And.....I hope all your birthday wishes come true oldrambler.
  5. Solid win for the Tomcats. That first Russell drive/score got everyone's attention...nice adjustments from the coaching staff. This team just keeps on climbing. I was anxious to see how the Cats would respond after a loss...got my answer on that one. Next week, however, will answer the question whether this Ashland squad is a pretender or contender.
  6. Yeah...but can you say that real fast three more times? Congrats to Rowan on the w-w-w-win...
  7. As I posted in the game thread, this is horrible news. My prayers are with Adam and his family. My deepest condolences to them.
  8. There is more fight in this group than I realized. I hate the loss, but was proud of the Tomcats tonight.
  9. With news such as this, I am reminded in a very powerful way just how insignificant a football game really is. As oldrambler amply stated, this tragedy really “puts things in perspective”. I pray for the comfort that only the good Lord can provide at moments like this. May God bless the Elkins family.
  10. Hope you guys don’t mind me chiming in…but I wanted to echo what oldrambler just wrote. IMHO, keeping a good attitude will be a key ingredient to strengthening this Raceland team and will enable them to grow from the experiences they will face this season. There’s a whole lot of football yet to be played and I, for one, will enjoy following the progress you all make. I know there has been mention of how young the Rams are and until looking at the roster didn’t realize just how true that was. In the category of useless trivia, Raceland has twice as many freshmen as Pikeville (19/8) almost twice as many sophomores (15/7) and about half the number of seniors (7/13). I know you Ram faithful wont dwell on those numbers, but dang…you guys really are young. Be that as it may…I look for the Rams to come out Friday night with a chip on their shoulder and looking to prove a point. What’s that old saying? “Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”…well, I should have used ram instead of dog, but you know what I mean….:lol:. Lastly, if anyone wants to get a piece of the Rams, better hope you do it this year. I can’t imagine what this team is going to be like when these 34 players get to be upperclassmen.
  11. Very well stated Jude. Raceland IS a good team. As for Johnson Central, that game seems galaxies away right now. Ashland will be keenly tested next Friday when George Washington comes to town. GW won their home opener against South Charleston last night I think 61 – 0. They were runner up in the state championship game a couple of years ago. It’s my understanding they are a very solid team.
  12. What he said ^ ^ ^ I would rather win than not…but, the Tomcats committed way too many mental errors which lead to penalties. There were only fleeting moments of flow to this game because of the incessant penalties. The good news is, I believe this type of problem can be corrected if the team can collectively focus on the moment and task at hand. The Ashland defense has potential and personnel to be very good. Offensively, it was worth the price of admission just to see Matt McLeod run the ball. Best of luck to Raceland in their game with Pikeville. The Rams, in typical fashion, never stopped playing with heart and determination. I hope the medical attention Tyler Nethercutt was getting was only precautionary in nature and that all the players are healthy.
  13. One of my favorite ones too, Graybeard:cool: I think that was our pictorial representations of what a 1-1 season may look like for the Ram faithful. Most of you guys have probably already headed out to the game. I just left the field and it is in awesome shape....gotta love that first game of the year on pristine turf. Anyway...best of luck tonight for all involved. I hope my Tomcats can hang with the Rams.
  14. Hey....I still have that one doc but fear of banishment keeps it in my double lock vault.
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