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  1. Here are the ones I've been to so far: Arches Badlands Black Canyon of the Gunnison Canyonlands Everglades Grand Canyon Grand Teton Great Smokey Mountains Mammoth Cave Mesa Verde Mt Rainier Olympic Petrified Forest Rocky Mountain Shenandoah Wind Cave Yosemite Yellowstone
  2. I had two great grandmothers, one paternal (1883-1971), one maternal (1879-1975) and one great uncle (1899-1972). I have memories of each of them. I was about 10 when the first died.
  3. Again I wonder who is behind this, possibly the religious side? Again I'm not saying this is the case.
  4. I sometimes wonder if in this case that someone related to the same sex marriage side was behind this to paint a bad picture of the religious side? I'm not saying that is the case here, but I do wonder sometimes. I have had the same questions in other disputes.
  5. Just saying that if in fact her name has to be on the license, the judge can't change that...it would take the legislature. Maybe that is the case as she elected to go back to jail.
  6. If in fact her name has to be on it, I wouldn't think that a federal judge can change state law.
  7. I was of the understanding that her name had to be on the license and that was what she was up in arms about.
  8. I think it will interesting to see if any of the same sex couples that have tried to get marriage licenses in Rowan County now try to go to the other two Counties where the clerks have vowed not to issue marriage licenses.
  9. WATCH: D-III defensive line coach tased at practice to 'boost morale' - CBSSports.com
  10. Made the trip to the game Saturday morning and that was an adventure in itself. Ran into freezing rain in Ohio for about 100 miles with wrecks too numerous to count and witnessed many, but we made it before kick off. Hoped to see a different out come but John Carroll has a very good team and with the mistakes Centre made in the first half, it was just too much to overcome. Senior QB Heath Haden had to be taken out of the game in the first offensive series due to a concussion and the back up QB is a freshman that had only taken maybe 6 snaps in a game situation (and then with a comfortable lead). In the second half, both the offense and defense started playing much better and played much closer, but the hole from the first half was just too deep. The one thing I seen was that the Centre players never gave up and played to the end. They had a great season and can be proud of what they accomplished.
  11. I'm going to make the trip up to John Carroll tomorrow to watch them play. My connection...My son was recruited and had a career ending injury his freshman year, but they have allowed him to be a student assistant coach.
  12. I've used AVG rescue CD to solve some tough virus issues. Download the image file on AVG's web site, from an uninfected computer, and create a bootable CD. Run it on the machine (It boots up in Linix and the normal OS and the virus is not loaded). It may work although I've had a couple of instances that I had to wipe the HD and reinstall the OS.
  13. I'm starting to get back into it. Learning to cast my own bullets to make it cheaper. Working on a batch of .45 ACP with cast wad cutters right now (I use them for shooting at the range).
  14. Found this sign near Richmond, Ky and thought some here would appreciate it.
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