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  1. No coincidence that Holmes only had 2 TOs and decreased the deficit. They are shooting fairly well if they get the chance. LC has done a nice job keeping Holmes off the offensive boards which is where Holmes thrives.
  2. What is the relationship between Jackson and Euton? Why is it assumed that Jackson will transfer now that Euton has?
  3. He has followed that up with "they have lead and leather." Enough already.
  4. Coach Henley needs to remind the boys that LC had a huge lead (approaching 20) on CCH and CCH came back.
  5. Gary Ball's "he'll get a soup and a sandwich" call on the "and 1" is a bit much.
  6. 2 minutes into the 2nd qtr and LC has 17 shots while Holmes has attempted only 8.
  7. LC up 19-4 after the first qtr. 10 TOs for Holmes.
  8. While there is probably interest on their part, this is probably also leverage for a new contract at their existing schools.
  9. Coaches take chances on 7 footers like Hibbert. Bad example.
  10. You see that a lot when there is only one Catholic school in an area. I'm pretty sure that the folks in Knoxville call their one Catholic high school "Catholic" as well. Heck, even LexCath fans call themselves "Catholic."
  11. I don't think so. I believe its only audio coverage on the khsaa site.
  12. Is there a reason you keep saying "said school?"
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