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  1. All the sugar burns away in the fermentation process. There are little no carbs in bourbon.
  2. Curious why you can’t drink bourbon with diabetes?
  3. It’s sourced and then marketed. Not really sure who makes it but it seems to fall in line for pricing on a single barrel product.
  4. Anyone who’s been down there knows, it makes no sense to me why he picked the lobby of that building. It’s not really big, it’s heavily secured and and there isn’t crazy traffic there. He could have gone to a hundred places downtown to get equal results or just walked out on to the square. That part has bothered me for two days now. It just doesn’t make sense.
  5. Your takes get more and more ridiculous every year. They will and should be ranked. I would venture to say there aren’t 10 schools in the country that have played the level of schedule they’ve played.
  6. I'm hearing Police shot the shooter. And he's dead.
  7. This is so surreal. I was supposed to be down there today and get there right at this time. I decided to reschedule. Insane.
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