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  1. Happy April Fool's Day everyone! We hope everyone enjoyed this prank and it was all in good fun. We are going to put Eta back to rest now and theguru wanted me to tell everyone if you have a complaint about our prank to please send him a PM or email him at theguru@fuse.net Again, happy April Fool's day everyone.
  2. I think Scott County was an above average team, but they were obviously not on the same level as Holmes, heck they were not the best team in their region. Scott had many pieces of the puzzle, but Holmes was the entire team. Pittman is a man among boys, he can shoot from outside, handle the ball, and can drive to the rack and finish better then anyone in the state. And Scott County had no one that could match up with him. Even if they did, you still have the Johnson brothers, who are likely better then anyone on Scott County's team. Jackson could have match up with one of them, but the other one would run wild. I think R. Johnson is much better then Jackson, and would have proven it in a rematch. If Euton was matched up on Pittman, Pittman would have ate him alive. Euton is to slow, and not athletic enough to guard Pittman, simple truth.
  3. I don't think that I had to say it, I think that if I had set back and not been accountable for what I did, I would have seemed like I was waiting for someone else to say it. I am just giving the facts, there are some great basketball minds on BGP, and I have given quit abit of truthful information. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Yes, I am Eta, and I am what I am. I do not need your approval. I am here for the Holmes family, and I am here for the people that want my insight. If you don't, that is fine. By the way, congratulations on being named a moderator.:thumb:
  4. I don't think that I tried to hide the fact that I am a very big Holmes fan, I have some deep ties to the Holmes program and watch every game. I feel like I have known all those players all my life. It is not just a team to me, it is a way of life. As for Scott County, we will never know, but I have to disagree with you opinion, I think Holmes would have handled Scott County if the two could have met up again, but that didn't happen and Holmes is still the State Champion and no one can take that away from them.
  5. Not to toot my own horn, but I did call Holmes winning it all, and Holmes beating Elliott County. :lol: I still think that Holmes would have beaten Scott County in a rematch. I think that I provided a lot of basketball insight and provided a lot of information that fans could enjoy. I'm not trying to say that I was better then anyone else, I just take pride in the fact that I was able to provide all the members of this site with information that hopefully made the season more enjoyable. What is everyone else's thought?
  6. Names that come to mind: kywldcat01 Westsider Dawg81 5wide gametime BigSpikes Purple Pride Eta Rho
  7. I thought with basketball season being over, it would be fun to rehash all the information that was given throughout the season, and who gave it. Who is the BGP member with the most basketball knowledge?
  8. Pittman will likely go the JUCO route, but will end up at a big D1 school, maybe UK. I think the Johnson brothers could possibly play for UK, especially R. Johnson, he could play at any college in the country. UK would be lucky to get him.
  9. I won't say that Jonathon Ferguson is as good at Lofton was, but he is a good shooter and he was not able to beat Holmes with the outside shot. The outside shot has to be used to defeat a team like Holmes, but if you don't have the inside game to go a long with a great shooter, Holmes will wear you out inside. I think that Holmes proved that repeatedly this past season, you have to have a great all around game to beat them. I would take Holmes everyday of the week and twice on Saturday.:sssh:
  10. It would be fun to watch, but I think in the end Mason Co could not match up with Holmes down low. That is where Holmes out matched Elliott Co. Guard play is very important, but with a team like Holmes you have to have two or three big men that can match up with Holmes size.
  11. Holmes 9 State Tournament wins, 4 Regional Championships, 8 District Championships, and now a State Championship, and likely a very long run next season. End of story.
  12. Without a doubt the best team that I have ever seen in NKY. Many teams had one or two great players, but I have not seen a starting five as long and as athletic at the 2009 Holmes team. I can only imagine what the stats would have looked like if the starters go to play more then three quarters in most games. Holmes was just on a mission and the mission was accomplished. State Champions are hard to argue against.
  13. I couldn't agree more, Scott Co. will be better then most teams in the state, but Holmes will be on a different level. Without Phares, Scott will not be able to defend the post play of Holmes. Euton can not guard Pittman, I saw it this year, and I don't see it changing next year after Pittman grows another year, he was only a junior this past season. He still has room to grow into his frame. And if Euton is matched up with Pittman, Scott has no one to match up with the Johnson brothers. That is the thing about Holmes, if you double team one player, the others will eat you alive. No one will be able to match up with Holmes next season, pure fact.
  14. Absolute travesty. National polls are difficult to gauge, but I don't see how a teams that won the State Championship in Kentucky could go down a spot. I think Holmes will finish in the top 10 nationally next year though.
  15. Holmes will be the preseason number 1 in the state as well. I don't see many teams even playing with them. Nationally, I look for them to get a lot of pre-season press, they will be an elite team in the nation. I hope they can get some match ups with other National top 25, this could be one of the best teams to come from Kentucky in a long time. With the Johnson brothers and Pittman, I don't see any other team being as long and as athletic as Holmes next year. I predict they will average 5 dunks a game next season, no one can defend Pittman when he drives to the rack.
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