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  1. Time on Friday? Part of a triple? Never mind ... saw from the link ... 4:30... thanks.
  2. ???? Assume one of the points was supposed to be rebounds?
  3. Campbell County won both JV and frosh, JV game by one point, frosh by about 15. Gonna go out on a limb and say Campbell County has the best frosh team in northern Kentucky. Very skilled, high basketball IQ on players 1-7. They had a 20 point lead on Holy Cross tonight, and Holy Cross handily beat Ryle last night, leading by 30+ until the benches emptied (wound up an 18 point margin).
  4. Score was 10-3 after the first quarter. Big props should go to the defensive job that Hacker, Barnes and Bezold did on Wilson. If they brought that kind of defensive intensity every night for 32 minutes, they'd be difficult to beat, even on nights when they aren't shooting well.
  5. I always consider "Field of Dreams" and "Bull Durham" sports movies ... I put them at the top of my list.
  6. How many have there been this year? Anyone that can put together a quick summary of 40 point games statewide to this point?
  7. Camels travel to Latonia for battle of top ten NKY teams, Wilson inside presence vs Holy Cross shooters. Should be a good one. The freshman game at 4:30 pits two unbeatens, Holy Cross 4-0 coming off big win over Ryle against 2-0 Camels. Should be a good one too.
  8. Any Conner 8th graders playing up? Drummonds (sp?) Has Conner played Highlands?
  9. They were very impressive playing together last spring/summer as the "Celtics" .... Good size, good shooters. Easily the best team out of Louisville in that grade division of AAU.
  10. Back on topic, since you asked Q, Chames is 6'1", 220. She turned 13 in July, probably the youngest 8th grader you will find. Holy Cross also has 12 year old 7th grader Sidney Thomas on their roster, and she is 6'3.5" and I would guess about 240.
  11. I am not suggesting they will win every game, or win the state, or even the region .... But right now Scott's win-loss record could not possibly be any better.
  12. I kind of find it irresponsible and demeaning that the first reaction of so many when they see a point total is to assume that no defense is being played, as if to imply that the players involved are not really outstanding players, it is just that the other side didn't defend well. That may or may not be the case; I do not think it is here, because Jake Ohmer is the real deal. But I digress. The highest scoring game I ever witnessed personally in high school was Holmes getting beat by Bryan Station 104-102. There were at least three, and maybe four D1 players on the floor of that game, including perhaps the best player to ever come out of Northern Kentucky, Dicky Beal, and I heard the same "no defense" chatter about that game. Sometimes guys are just so good offensively that they are difficult to stop. It happens. Congratulations Jake on averaging over 40 points a game thus far in the season. I for one am a fan.
  13. I love BGP, and believe it fills the void left because none of the major media outlets in Cincinnati cover Northern Kentucky high school sports like they used to. But it is being abused and I am asking, politely for the moment, that the abuse stop. Implying illegal or immoral or unethical conduct by people wrongfully is legally defamatory. When those people have careers and reputations that are affected, I think the defaming parties should anticipate litigation. And I don't want that. So stop. Just stop.
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