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  1. I was impressed with Boone County's Freshman group last year. They need to build on that group., Install discipline and hard work ethic that way they will be strong role models for groups going forward. That is how they can begin to rebuild.
  2. The two divisions have definitely helped programs like Beechwood, Jones & Newport. Makes them more competitatve at all levels. And is needed due to enrollment differences. Beechwood had a hell of a season at all 3 levels. 8th grade Beechwood Didn't have an in conference loss going in. Went 19-0 Newport and RA went 16-3 each. Bracken 14-5 & Tichenor 12-7. Sharp and Campbell B - I think we're 10-9 each. Hopefully both divisions can add more schools in the future- Walton, Silver Grove, BSAC etc. The competition is good for development leading to high school basketball.
  3. Bracken County beat Newport for the 8th. Bracken is very disciplined and have a very good post player as well as two great shooters. They also are very well coached- I'd imagine he slowed Newport down like RA did in the semis but this time Bracken came out on top...
  4. Great games Small division 8th grade at Sharp- Newport 30 Jones 29 Newport got out to a 9-2 lead RA fought back... With 10 seconds had a chance for the win but Newport played a great game and Jones missed a shot or two at the buzzer.... Not sure of final score but Bracken beat Beechwood. Not what I expected but 4 great teams 2 great games- Newport vs Bracken County Small division 8th grade championship Saturday @ Sharp 7:30pm?
  5. Small tourney 7th- RA jones won Not sure on final of Beechwood/Newport or 8th grades scroes
  6. Great first round game at sharp 8th grade Jones 31 Sharp 24 Sharp was up 24-22 with 2 minutes to go
  7. Heard the 8th came down to coin flips for 2/3
  8. Wow. So does anyone know anything about the small school Brackets then?? Guess 7th Bracken Beechwood Jones As top 3 8th Beechwood Jones Newport/Bracken Top 3?
  9. Does anyone know If Newport had beat Bracken in the small league or the results of there match ups?!?
  10. Beechwood Jones game today- 6th- Beechwood 7th- Beechwood 8th- Beechwood
  11. Score from last night Jones vs Ludlow 6th- Ludlow 7th- jones 8th- jones Was the Bracken / Beechwood Matchup last night?
  12. Does anyone know what happened to the original thread. Was wondering if the Beechwood / Bracken county game was tonight and if they had a score
  13. Who was its they lost too id imagine there top seed then. I know they played Bracken this week and RA on saturday
  14. Don't know for sure they had a few very nice shooters
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