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  1. and if someone’s aunt had other apparatus (not taking into account today’s society), she’d be their uncle. Trinity had a large part in those FIVE turnovers.
  2. 1-0 lots of work to do. Lexington football is what it is. Onward and upward. #trinityforever
  3. Do you not think that we shouldn’t win this game? I would. You’re not involved with the program. Continue to hate, we’ll deal with it for now, then do what we have to do.
  4. It was. I couldn’t understand it……
  5. I want him gone tonight… It’s so much more than the results on the field. Any single person in the program will tell you, it’s a disaster in that locker room and beyond. we can’t take this much longer.
  6. Any time you wonder why a decision was made, you can rest assured it's all about $$$$$.
  7. To add a little to this. While I think Cobb is a decent coach, I have heard some serious rumblings of some back stabbing, and some disarray in the locker room at Trinity. Once that starts, it's massively difficult to get rid of. We did just hire, who I believe to be, the very best possible Freshman Head Coach. That will pay huge huge huge dividends for multiple reasons.
  8. Can we just start the running clocks now? I sure wish we'd go back to 4 classes.
  9. Not really. We’ve won titles with lesser talent, and we’ve won with elite talent. It just is more impressive when we have the elite talent.
  10. 2012 Trinity may be the best team ever, in the state.
  11. NLTanker is right. It really isn't a knock on Cobb as a coach. He is very solid. I would argue that he is an elite defensive coordinator. However, being the head coach at our program, comes with it, a lot. You have decades of brothership, you have a trophy case full of trophies. You have EXPECTATIONS. I know the schedule is brutal, but it's been a tough schedule for decades. Losing seasons are unacceptable. We are looking down the barrel of a second losing season. Allowing for X to have the momentum, and not putting fear into our opponents. Obviously, I hope that Cobb succeeds. I really really do. Currently nothing is showing me that the dominance will be back anytime soon. Not only did we lose last week, we got dominated. That simply doesn't happen. Sadly, it won't be the last time, this season, that it happens. #TrinityForever
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