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  1. I will say this. There is a glaring mistake on the offense. One that is so egregious, it concerns me that not enough due diligence was done to evaluate all of the players.
  2. I hate to bash, but I really feel that he was recruited and touted mostly due to size, and padding stats against far inferior talent. He was a D1 talent, no doubt, but would never have seen the field at Alabama.
  3. This, right here. People may not believe this. But Bob is a big time run type of coach. When they are passing, it's mainly with putting the players in the right position to make plays. At the high school level, if you have proper protection, the right scheme, and an adequate QB, you can move the ball. It's only when you can pound the rock, that you can truly dictate the outcome of the game. Our lines were great this season. On both sides of the ball. Deuce is right, we went vanilla in the first game against Male. I'm not saying I disagreed with that game plan. But I'll say this. We were, indeed, the better team. That was shown on Sunday. re: Bob retiring. It's coming. It won't be next season, but after that, I don't imagine he'll be around for long. He was not planning on being here as long as he has. But, Louisville does this to people. It's a great place to live, his immediate family has stayed here. Factor all of that in, with our community, and I can understand the desire to stay. That being said, my biggest fear, or concern, is for the next man to step up. I, for one, hope we do another national search. This job is a top 15-20 job in the country. It deserves that caliber of coach. Trinity Forever
  4. Sam Young is a good kid. His dad & I went to Trinity together...I hate that we have to play them....I except this one to be more difficult than you would think. OC has some moxie.
  5. A dominant win. One that the score didn't really indicate how the game went down. That being said, I won't lie, if I wasn't thinking about, when the lead was high, about the times that they squandered the leads in the past. This team's upside potential is huge. But it's one where they can't let up. There is no one that is above complacency.
  6. While I would've been pleased with Brohm taking over the reigns...I always had apprehension. You see, I don't like when a school hires their own. Especially those that are in the "hall of fame" at school. There is a potential for disaster. What if. Simply what if, it doesn't work and you have to let the coach go (see Wolford at X, and other examples). I was disappointed when Jeff chose to stay at Purdue, but I couldn't be upset. How could you be upset when a man chooses to be loyal to a program that has given him a huge opportunity? I respected his decision and wish him the very best moving forward. Purdue has been dealt a tough tough hand this season. They've suffered a myriad of injuries and the deck is stacked against them. They are indeed fighting, as I expected a Brohm coached team would. In the end, I feel that Tyra had coach Satterfield on his radar, but gave us, the fans, what we we wanted, in going after Jeff. When that didn't happen, he went with his gut, and went after Satterfield, and his entire staff. The continuity of the staff has been huge. These men are proven leaders, and tremendous teachers. Who knows what the future holds. However, I will say, it appears to be a bright one. I will continue to root for Jeff and his team. There is no real reason not to. But now, I am fully on board with what Satterfield Co. are doing with the boys that we root for. Purdue will be fine, in the long run. Louisville will be fine in the long one. And, we still get to embrace the Brohm legacy here, and we should, as fans, always welcome them back. I can not wait to see what the next 2-3 seasons brings. Many will say, he's (Satterfield) gone, after some marked success here. If that happens so be it. I will trust in the process going forward. #L1C4
  7. We'll end the season ranked, but not like we could have been.
  8. I'm still bitter about our poor showing at Male. This was a shot at a special season, and we messed the bed. Vanilla play calling, and giving up too much on predictable plays. Well, we'll see them again, but the pressure sure is on now.
  9. So he literally got the $250k per win, without even having to do it.
  10. I don't know the kid. However, I watched what he said with cameras in front of him. Imagine how arrogant he must be when the spotlight isn't on him? Holy cow. Then to blatantly lie about it? I don't care if he's suspended or not. But, I'll say this...Stoops should sit him down for a half, as an example to the rest of the team. If he allows players to go rogue, that's a recipe for disaster for the team. I played a lot of football games in high school and college, and these sort of things happen all of the time, but, it doesn't mean that it should be condoned when it is caught.
  11. That's a good point. Maybe not. I'm really concerned about FSU's run game....which will slow the game down. Louisville runs the ball too. I think it'll be a short game, time wise.
  12. 21-7... I played in that game. One of the best games that I ever played.
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