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  1. Those guide lines don't seem like they are too fun.
  2. VOR, Safety is always on my mind. There are other things that go on that coaches are needed for in schools that have a high number of kids on free and reduced lunch. See I need to make sure kids are being fed. I need to make sure summer school classes are being attended. I need to make sure kids are not doing drugs. I need to love on a few kids. Has nothing to do with X's and O's. Those kids also need to be a part of something. They need some structure that is provided. Some may need some walking around money. Some coaches have kids that have bigger issues than Covid -19. I wished that was only thing some of the kids had to deal with in life. My wife works for a school district and recently had a phone conversation with young lady who is a pretty good athlete. She was having to do some things with her body to feed herself and her siblings. I am not saying coaches can keep kids safe all the time. But the chances increase when a coach can be involved with them. These are things you can't do if you can't get them away from their environment long enough to lay your eyes on them to make sure they are ok. So sure we can wait to July 1. My daughter who is an athlete will be fine. But there is a percentage of kids that have been away from their coaches so long. May be too late.
  3. The government will be allowing Groups of 10 to meet if not mistaken May 22nd. (I could be off a day or two) With that I am not sure why schools could start to bring players in small groups and spread out and get some conditioning in. I think this could be done and still follow guidelines.
  4. I agree. That team was loaded with talent and well coached.
  5. There has been conversation about these two playing again.
  6. The young man is special. I think he is little underrated. Some schools will miss out on him.
  7. If there is no football season. Means there will not be a state finals. If that is the case you may see the KHSAA fold. They can't miss that kind of revenue. The lost out on both Sweet 16 this year. No Football finals may be the final blow.
  8. I don't know the Super at Anderson County. I just don't understand the purpose of the statement they released. Doesn't serve a purpose. Other than it appears to take a shot at Coach Peach that wasn't needed.
  9. Frankfort had good run this season. After graduating 90% of their scoring was able make it to All A finals and win the 41st.
  10. Here is an idea. If you are the best team just WIN the games you play come tournament time. I get so tired of people wanting to mess with high school sports. Stop the madness with all the tweaks.
  11. He really has shown he can this season. Based off what they lost last season. To make the run they made in the ALL A and now doing it again.
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