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  1. Great move for Western. Let's face it ... this is the only circumstance in which the Hilltoppers would be able to hire a football coach of Petrino's caliber. I wish Kentucky would've hired Petrino ... he was, by far, the best coach available.
  2. The Angels might be hard-pressed to match Hunter's 2012 production in right field for the next five years ... and will pay huge money to take the risk.
  3. Actually, he's probably best suited for sixth in the order ...
  4. Count me in the minority, I guess, but the Stoops hire doesn't excite me. Florida State isn't exactly dominating the SEC and the Seminoles' defense hasn't fared all that well against the top teams on their schedule. To be honest, the Stoops name lacks the cache it had several years ago. As for Jones ... good luck with that. Tennessee is becoming a meat grinder job.
  5. No "good clubhouse/character guy" is worth that kind of money. What the heck are the Red Sox doing?
  6. ACS is about 30 miles away from Bowling Green and brought a ton of people. They almost filled the seats below the club level.
  7. I saw Mayfield play both Beechwood and Fairview ... I would pick Beechwood to beat Fairview, without a doubt.
  8. It sounds like Marshall has a bunch of injuries, so they might get off to a slow start.
  9. Central has played St. Xavier, Ballard and Pleasure Ridge Park, three of the last eight teams in 6A, and Evansville Reitz. I doubt that Monroe will show them anything they haven't seen.
  10. Chelsey Shumpert of Paducah Tilghman has signed with Chattanooga.
  11. If Tilghman put up 20 points on Monroe in Tompkinsville, I'm going to have a hard time imagining Monroe holding Central to 10 points in Louisville.
  12. Actually, Frankfort's non-district schedule was pretty good. Franklin County made it to the third round of the playoffs. So did Danville. Green County and Lexington Christian were ranked in 2A for much of the year. Rockcastle County is normally a solid opponent, especially for a Class A school, but they're in a down cycle right now.
  13. Cabrera hit cleanup ... Trout hit in the leadoff slot. Of course, Cabrera is going to drive in a lot more runs. And Trout has Cabrera beat by a wide margin in areas like defense and baserunning. The MVP doesn't go to the best hitter. It's supposed to go to the best player. Personally, I'm dismayed the media made it such a rout. Trout deserved much more support.
  14. If we're picking the best player in the league in 2012, it was clearly Mike Trout.
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