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  1. Shebly is not good this year. This score really doesn't tell us anything new about Collins.
  2. Robinson is very good. Hills is not, a lot of these numbers are against really bad teams. Catholic is a decent team but never plays defense.
  3. Franklin was close to double digit turnovers. Long drive home for them. Holleran kid is an athlete, colleges need to pick this kid up 6'3 220 fastest kid I seen tonight.
  4. I would like to adopt Texas rules, which are the NCAA rules, returns from endzone, cut blocking, etc..
  5. I think Shelby is far better coached than John Hardin. Talent level would go to John Hardin. Shelby will win in a close game. I think the passing game of Shelby is the difference the QB throws strikes off of the play action and motion fakes.
  6. That may have been the Freshman game was 6 minute quarters and that is the conference rules. JV is supposed to be 8 but the home team decides on that. So it would have been Boyle Counties calls. As far as new players....the answer is No actually we played more kids in the last game vs. Boyle since it was a home game. So was no new players and actually less players made the trip.
  7. Win is a Win! Keep fighting young Flyers. Defense or no defense Spencer goes down.
  8. What's the word from both camps? Is everyone healthy and ready to go? Seen FC having some long evenings this week. Had quite a few in ice.
  9. I think jury is still out on the flyers, Shelby Valley wasn't much competition. This team for FC is very young as well, and has itself 7-8 new starters on each side of the ball, and two new coordinators and a new interim head coach. But they did play hard and enthusiastic football I am told!
  10. I hope who ever it is that comes in; just doesn't mess up this season! Kids have worked hard this off season harder than I have seen in the last few years I have been around. Coach Randy Holleran and Ledford have ran the strength program and its been a total change in attitude and team work. A lot of that is just the kids that are within the program right now. Not the most talented bunch but good kids.
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