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  1. I like a lot of the kids on your team. Really good kids and families. LexCath better have some good kids coming up because Boyle is very, very good from 10th down thru 5th grade. I know last years middle school game was 54-14 in favor of Boyle and could have been 100-14. This past year it was 8-6 LexCath. 2020 may be Boyle's best class ever and so far I'd say they are giving people a reason to believe it.
  2. LEX is weak. I never mentioned recruiting. 7 is still > than 2. Enjoy the win...you got some great kids on your side and you deserved the win. The future may prove to look a lot different.
  3. I would vote in this order: 1) Trump 2) WestDanville 3) Blind retarded monkey 4) Hillary
  4. You are the best administrator this side of the Milky Way...just wanted you to know that!
  5. I guess now you're gunna tell me that there's no God and that life is the result of two specks of sand colliding at a high rate of speed?
  6. 7 > 1 Now THAT is extremely one sided. And it's only gunna get worse little buddy.
  7. Well seeing is this is a ridiculous thread can I get a little slack?
  8. I wonder how many light years it's been since they lost to Cosmos Catholic?
  9. We are alone. No reason to discuss until there is proof. End of discussion.
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