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Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Zoot Soup

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Went to Washington DC and toured the city! Had a great time and didn't spend a ton of money doing it, as there is a lot to do in DC that is free!


If "The Boss" would have allowed it, we would have attended a World Series game played in 1970 when Cincinnati played Baltimore in Baltimore. Of course back then the WS was played in the day time and in early October but she didn't want to attend a baseball game and she still doesn't but I am still married to her even though she isn't a sport person at all!

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We had reservations for an all inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas but it didn't quite work out. This was prior to needing a passport and my wife assured me she had her birth certificate. We had planned on leaving on Monday morning, so Sunday night we head over to her parents to pick up her certificate. She pulls out the one from the hospital with her foot prints ingrained. I couldn't believe she thought this was a valid cert. I pretty much knew they wouldn't accept this at the airport but we tried and were denied. Luckily I worked for the airline so we could go pretty much anywhere in the US, problem was we were packed for warm weather and there aren' too many options for warm weather in mid November. We ended up heading out to Vegas and we enjoyed the trip. I did receive a penalty for canceling the reservations but we were able to use the credits a few years later in Cancun.

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