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  1. I had that same thought initially, but if I recall correctly he was never actually flying a plane was he. He seemed to play the same role as Goose being confined to the back seat. Maybe that makes a difference?
  2. You need to hurry because it is only on Netflix until May 31st. I made my daughters watch the original yesterday before taking them to see it last night. I wanted to see this from the first time I saw the trailer 2+ years ago. It was even better than I would have imagined. Easily the best movie I've seen in 20 years. They definitely made the right decision to wait until they were able to show it in a packed theater as opposed to streaming. You could feel those jet engines vibrate through your entire body. Can't equal that at home.
  3. It certainly didn't help the Smith not only got away with it, but was also shortly afterwards honored with an award as if nothing had happened.
  4. You could be right. Just based on having traveled quite a bit in Texas during the last three or four years my experience is that they won't be that close together. The only exception would be in an area like Dallas / Fort Worth. I think they have about six stores but they are all located on major interstates into the metro area at about 20 to 30 miles outside of the downtown area. Until just a few years ago, Buc-ee's was a Texas only establishment. But I think they have been around for a few decades. I know there is now one open in Alabama, two in Georgia, two or three in Flordia, three open or coming to KY, and at least two scheduled to open in Tennessee. One thing I failed to mention in my prior post about their food is the beef jerkey, it's as good as I've ever had that came from a store. I've had some better deer jerkey and such that was homemade but their was just a notch below. Like most beef jerkey these days it is really pricey though.
  5. I'd stop for the bathrooms alone. I hate playing a road game, so their cleanliness at least makes it feel more like a neutral court environment. All the food that I've had there has been great. Besides the brisket sandwiches, I've like all the other BBQ I've had from there, smoked sausage, smoked turkey, etc. The kolaches are really good as well as are the brisket and egg burritos. You're right that a lot of the stuff can be pricy but their gas is usually quite a bit cheaper than the other nearby stations, and things like bagged ice is really cheap as well. I didn't really think the BBQ was that high compared to what you can get at most restaurants and in my opinion it was better than most places anyway.
  6. If they place them like they do in Texas they will be spread out quite a bit. So I would doubt that there will be one in NKY as that would be really close to the one in Richmond. Same for Elizabethtown as they have already announced one in Smith's Grove. (10 miles or so N on 65 from Bowling Green) The I-24 location is also official, it will be at Oak Grove which is near the KY/ TN border.
  7. I don't think this is the same situation. Because you can see if there are 11 people in front of you. If there are only two or three your expectation as to the time you would have to wait would be different and you'd have no way of knowing that someone was about to place 11 separate orders.
  8. That's how I am. Couldn't image trying to sleep without it. If I don't use it I get a sore throat the next day. Not sure why. One night while staying in a hotel I put my mask on but forgot to attach the hose to the machine. (There may have been alcohol involved) That next day was awful, felt like I had strep throat. It's happened on a few other occasions as well. Don't think I've ever not used it and didn't get a sore throat.
  9. I did an at home study, perhaps an in office overnight study would be more accurate, but I was such an obvious case I don't think it mattered. I sleep exclusively on my side or stomach. I also have a full face mask. I hasn't caused any problem for me. When on my stomach I'll use a second pillow under my forehead to create a bit of a gap for my mask to fit. Sleeping with a mask might require some adjustments to how you normally would have slept, however, in my case the results made any change in my routine well worth it. My Dr. originally suggested that I try to use the mask for 3 or 4 hours a night until I get used to it. I kept in on all night long from day one. That first morning when I woke up I felt like I had slept for a month straight. The first week or so using a mask is amazing as you catch up on all that missed sleep you've had. I used to fall asleep watching TV, waiting in a Dr. office, or even a lot of times when I was driving (maybe not asleep, but doing the constant head nods and fighting to stay awake) Now it is rare that those things will occur.
  10. I've asked my Dr. about those and he advised that he thought they were a waste of money.
  11. Those are rookie numbers. I was over 70 per hour.
  12. That's not a spoiler. If you've gotten this far, how could you think otherwise?
  13. Yep, if you word the questions right and ask the right people you can just about make the results of the poll show whatever you want them to.
  14. I guess the wildest thing that I don't understand is how do go graduate from high school and then go back to the school the next year and attend class and play basketball. I'd guess schools wouldn't just allow any other graduate to continue taking classes. If so what's the cut off. Can I give Spanish III another try. I'd like to think I'd do better this time.
  15. Damage already being reported in WKY. Hopefully the report of a possible tornado in Mayfield is incorrect. That's the last thing those people need at this time.
  16. After losing the first game of the season, the Red Devils will win 9 straight.
  17. I'd guess because training with UK is a lot cheaper than hiring a personal trainer and it keeps is name in the media.
  18. I guess I don't get how averaging 6 points and 3 rebounds a game suggest that one is ready for the NBA. He was playing behind Brooks, who himself is unlikely to ever play in the NBA. I hope it all works out for him, but I just don't see how some of these kids aren't self aware enough to realize they're not ready for the NBA. He's a freak athlete but that alone won't cut it at the next level. It hasn't even been enough to secure a starting spot at his current level.
  19. Less people were offended when Ricky Gervais accused the entire room of being pedophiles.
  20. Now that I think about it they did actually just beat a Penny, but not by very much.
  21. And when you consider that this year a nickel is only worth about a penny...
  22. I think that might be the new model. Sign two or three high level recruits and hit the portal to fill in any other needs. I think I'm more confident in a proven DI player than the fourth or fifth guy in a recruiting class.
  23. It's not something I want to think about but with the portal it's not a sure thing that they would struggle.
  24. I actually think Gonzaga is overrated most years. Their schedule is easier than most of the other top teams and they benefit by only having to get up for a few big games each year. They were 0-2 vs. the SEC this year. More than likely they would fair well in a bigger conference but suppose they played 18 SEC games each year, it's unlikely that they would be a perennial #1 seed in the tournament.
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