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  1. I travel around a lot for my job, especially western Kentucky. As far as I can recall Hickman, Carlisle, Ballard, and Livingston Counties are the only ones on that side of the state that do not have a chain restaurant.
  2. Hancock Co. almost makes the cut. They have a Subway in Lewisport, but that is it as far as restaurant chains.
  3. I wonder if Kings Island might provide some sort of transportation. My daughter worked 4 years for Holiday World starting when she was 14. They had busses that would pick the kids up at various locations each morning and take them to work and then bring them back in the evening. We just had to get her to a local church parking lot to meet the bus.
  4. A bit of an off the wall suggestion but check out the St. Louis Cathedral which is located across from Jackson Square. The older portions of the current building date back to the late 1700's and the parish itself originated in the early 1700's when the area was still under Spanish rule. Even if your not Catholic, I think you would appreciate the architecture and history of this beautiful building. And to echo what others have said taking the streetcar down St. Charles into the Garden District is an enjoyable time. There are some fabulous homes in that area. The beignets at Cafe du Mond are perhaps a bit overrated but still pretty good and I guess that's the thing to do in New Orleans so might has well check that off your bucket list if you havent' already. Get a Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's, where the drink was invented, or grab a drink at Laffitte's Blacksmith Shop which is purported to be the oldest bar in the United States, dating back to the early 1700's.
  5. I'll look into this. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. I would like to see Alcatraz, but it's my understanding that as of now the tours are of the exterior only. Doesn't really seem worth it if you can't see the inside of the prison.
  7. I plan to travel 17 mile drive, would love to get to see Pebble Beach, hopefully Covid won't restrict access from at least visiting the clubhouse. We've been to a lot of zoos and I know that San Diego is supposed to be one of the best if not the best in the country, just with limited time in the area, I think there our other things that we can do which can only be seen in that area. Plus I think Covid restrictions are still limiting what can be done at the zoo.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation.
  9. Carmel by the Sea is for sure one of the towns I plan to visit.
  10. As of now, I believe the Hearst Castle remains closed for tours. Hopefully that might change by mid July. We both love Mexican food. I looked up Frutiland on Yelp and there food looks amazing, and it seems like we would likely get to there location within lunchtime so it might be an ideal stop that day. Thanks.
  11. I'm taking my wife to California towards the end of July for our 20th Anniversary. Neither of us have been before, and I want to try to see as much as possible. I've put together a fairly aggressive plan for the 12 days that we will be there. I realize that we will not get to fully explore any of the areas we are going to visit but perhaps if we ever go back we can focus our next trip on a particular area depending on what we like from this go around. We will be flying into Ontario (LA) mid morning and from there I plan to rent a car and drive to San Diego for a few days after which we will spend a day driving along the coast from SD to LA and spend whatever time is leftover in the LA area until dinner after which I will drive a couple hours north to Visalia where we will stop for the night. The next day we will spend exploring Sequoia National Park then spend the night in Fresno and the next day at Yosemite. We will then head to San Francisco for three nights. I plan to perhaps travel up to Napa one day and spend the other two in San Francisco or Oakland. We will then spend the next two days traveling the Pacific Coast Highway back to LA we will then have day and a half to spend in LA as our flight home doesn't leave until 4PM. I've already got hotel reservations for each night but they can be changed if need be. I've avoided staying in downtown areas opting instead for hotels which will have parking and plan to take public transit into areas like downtown San Francisco. My wife loves the beach, and I'd rather go to the mountains, so it seems like my plan will accomplish things that will make each of us happy. My question you you all is what are some things that are can't miss that we should definitely make plans to include in our trip. We really aren't interested in theme parks, and will probably not include any zoos (I know San Diego zoo is top notch) or museums as we can do these types of things closer to home. I'm really more interested in the natural sites such as the coast, mountains, etc. as well as landmarks such as the Golden Gate bridge. Plus these are things that we should be able to do regardless of Covid restrictions. If you have any suggestions for things that you think are can't miss, please let me know. I've still got time to make plans and change our itinerary. Thanks.
  12. I have to wonder if perhaps this is due to the fact that they normally have a veteran team which is more prepared early in the season than come time for the tournament the teams which rely on younger players have a chance to catch up to them.
  13. That statement is way more true regarding Tubby than it is for Cal. The top 8 players on the 1998 team were all recruited by and played for Pitino, with the exception of Evans who did not play due to having to sit out because of a transfer. The only player on the 2012 team that had any impact on the season, was Miller who was recruited and played one season for the former coach.
  14. As a UK fan while I've been disappointed, I'm not really worried in the least that next year could be a repeat of this year. For the most part it seems that teams which rely on upperclassmen have had good seasons and teams that rely heavily on Freshman such as UK or Duke have had subpar seasons. I think that this is mainly due to the fact that they lost the ability to workout as a team over the summer and eliminated many of the non-conference easy games which would have allowed them to get some in game confidence. Not to mention the lack of any home crowd. There was also very few games if any in which the entire roster was available. I can't remember exactly, but it seems like Brooks didn't return until after Clarke was out. Hopefully none of those issues will exist next season. I feel like this team was starting to turn the corner a bit. They gave us a glimpse of what they were capable of for short periods but just never seemed to put it together for an entire game.
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