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  1. Considering the next successful Corona virus vaccine will be the first of it's kind, good luck waiting for that. It's not likely to come soon, if at all.
  2. If masks work, than why is there any debate as to whether or not kids should return to school this fall. Just make 'em all wear masks. Problem solved. If they don't work, than why the charade of making them mandatory. If something is shown to make things safe fine, but it seems to me a lot of these regulations are just window dressing so that people can feel like something is being done. Case in point is the NFL's rule that came out today making it illegal for players to exchange jerseys after the game. So JJ Watt can chase Tom Brady around for 60 minutes, grab, hold, sweat on, and fall onto him, and it will be fine, but somehow trading jerseys puts them in danger.
  3. Maybe we should be.... https://abcnews.go.com/Health/covid-19s-impact-include-20-firearm-suicides-day/story?id=71635386 From two days ago. That would be almost 7,500 more in a year and that is just via firearms. Doesn't include other methods of suicide. Seems significant to me.
  4. About the only thing I can think of is the ability to eat fresh shrimp and crabs. Can't do that in Kentucky. That being said for reasons, I'll never understand, my wife loves the beach so I'll be heading down to Hilton Head in about two weeks.
  5. Apparently the bears are pretty active around Gatlinburg right now. A co-worker of mine just returned from there last week. Over the course of the week they had about 20 encounters with bears, even seeing them in the middle of the city streets. The final encounter was the (best?), while packing up his SUV parked in front of their cabin a bear actually got inside the vehicle and he had to lure him out with a bag of popcorn. The video he posted on Facebook was pretty crazy.
  6. Looks pretty good. I do have one question. On the hold site I would normally go to the home page a click on the new post link to see a list of all threads that had been updated since my last visit. So far I haven't found a similar type link. Is this something available on the new site?
  7. To quote Luke Combs: "Long neck, ice cold, beer never broke my heart". Nothing goes down better after mowing grass than a beer does.
  8. COVID-19 update: 6 cases, 11 recoveries,
  9. Most places describe medium rare as having a warm red center. Pink usually doesn't come into play til you get to medium / medium well.
  10. For me Texas Roadhouse is the best steak for your money that you can get. I eat there often and have almost never had a steak not to my liking.
  11. I've also never heard of anything other than Pittsburg rare, which was described to me as heavily charred on the outside yet still more of a purplish color in the middle it's so raw.
  12. While I generally agree with this, their can be exceptions, and sometimes I just want a steak even though I know it's not going to be the best one I've ever had. Every now and then I don't mind having to use a little A1. For me Cracker Barrel has a pretty tasty sirloin that I get with one of their breakfast meals. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I order it. A little touch of A1 and some Cholula for the eggs and I'm happy every time. And speaking of Cholula, is there anything better at all that you can add to eggs.
  13. I usually order medium rare at a good steakhouse. If I'm getting a steak at most chains, like O'Charley's, Friday's etc., than I normally order rare as that is the best chance to actually get something along the lines of medium rare to medium.
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