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  1. I've watched a lot of basketball. Can't ever recall anyone drawing a charge while getting posterized.
  2. End of the day more likely.
  3. I believe that Gough is the all time leading tackler for Owensboro High School.
  4. You sure about that? https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/11/23/covid-pandemic-rise-suicides/ https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/24/us/politics/student-suicides-nevada-coronavirus.html https://abc7news.com/suicide-covid-19-mental-health-teen-coronavirus/8079510/ There are countless articles available on the subject. I have two teenage daughters and I have personally seen how being shut out of school has affected their mental health.
  5. I would agree in terms of team sports, and I guess it depends on how you define athleticism, but I think that perhaps some Olympians could be in the conversation.
  6. Stephen Gostkowski played in 6 Super Bowls with the Patriots.
  7. I think you have to give the nod to Brady what he has accomplished is more impressive to me for three reasons. One, it's been speculated by those that currently rank high school prospects that had there been a star rating system back then Brady would have only been a low to mid 4 star prospect. He was drafted 199th overall into the NFL. With LeBron, I can remember seeing rankings that had him listed as the nations best high school player from his sophomore year, and he was the consensus #1 pick in the NBA draft. Two, Brady is the only person that will have ever appeared in 10 Super Bowls. Whereas LeBron is one of four men to have appeared in at least 10 NBA Finals. While I think it is likely that LeBron will reach or surpass Russell's 12 appearances, currently he does not lead his sport in that regard. Three, Brady will be playing in this upcoming Super Bowl at 43 years old. LeBron is 8 years younger as he was 35 at the time that the most recent NBA Finals were completed. Whether or not he would still be able to play at the NBA's highest level remains to be seen.
  8. Perhaps this explains why Clemson football players had no problem being served a mountain of McDonalds food rather than steak and lobster during that infamous celebratory dinner a few years back.
  9. It was 150-95 but it occurred at Phog Allen.
  10. Hard to say. He certainly would not have had the stats or wins that he had at Bama, but more than likely he would have produced better than anyone else on the roster. Don't forget it's possible to be a #1 overall draft pick as a QB at UK. You wouldn't expect great coaching at a place like Northern Iowa but it seems to have worked out for Kurt Warner.
  11. I know in Bama the name Bear Bryant is right up there with God, but whenever UA builds a new stadium it should probably be named after Saban. Bryant won 6 championships for the school in 25 seasons, a feat the Saban has matched in just 14 seasons. Not to mention that it is now much harder to win a national championship these days as you have to actually win it on the field and not just by swaying the opinion of journalist. Heck Bryant won twice won national titles in seasons in which they lost the bowl game.
  12. After tonight I think this one looks a little different.
  13. Ain't that the truth. My wife likes going to OG, I usually feel like I could have got better food for way less two doors down at Fazolis.
  14. I think I'd rather see UK try to lure Kenny Payne back before any of those options.
  15. I really don't see how Dabo ranking OSU is much different that Day's post game locker room speech that got leaked. Both can be used as bulletin board material for the opposing team. I won't post a link due to language, but it's an easy Google search if your so inclined.
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