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  1. I believe that Shavir Wheeler is expected to start at PG. Wheeler was 2nd team all SEC last year while at Georgia. He averaged 14.0 points per game (17th SEC), 7.4 assists per game (1st SEC, 4th NCAA) and 1.7 steals per game (5th SEC). I'd say that's a definite upgrade over last year's starter going into the season Devin Askew.
  2. Not sure how effective that would actually be. A lot tailgating can occur off campus and besides anybody that wants to arrive drunk can do so regardless of the location at which they imbibe.
  3. I agree this was a slap on the wrist. Unless I'm wrong the behavior of their fans was unprecedented in college football. It is not comparable with rushing the field so why the comparable fine?
  4. I think DC hangs half a hundred at least. Only question is how well can Apollo keep up. DC wins this game.
  5. Considering that we are now in the NIL era, perhaps they should go a different direction?
  6. Coach O has got to be the first coach to lead an unranked team to an upset of a top 25 team and get fired the next day. The timing just doesn't make a lot of sense. Heck if you know your firing him at this point in the season might as well have done it before the game.
  7. I got to see Owensboro first three or four games of the season. Carbon is a difference maker for sure. Will add an extra dimension to their offense if he comes back at full strength.
  8. Baseball as a lot bigger issue to overcome for that to happen than just who is the face of MLB. In my opinion they are so far behind the NFL or NBA that it isn't even comparable.
  9. Michigan would have to win 14 games in a row vs. Ohio St. go get back to 50/50 since 2000.
  10. I agree with what others have already pointed out. The important games on the schedule are still left to be decided. Sure Michigan is 6-0 but they really haven't beaten anybody yet. None of the four Power 5 teams they've beaten currently have a record above .500%
  11. I don't think that it is necessary for a school to consider NIL with regards to any rules or policies it puts in place regarding their student athletes. It's not the schools job to facilitate the athletes ability to secure NIL contracts. That policy may have negative repercussions for the school with regard to recruiting, but again I don't see how NIL is something they should have to consider of account for.
  12. I was on campus at Notre Dame on Wednesday showing my daughters around campus. We were there for about 2 hours. The entire time Enter Sandman was blasting on repeat from the practice field. You could hear it all the way over at the Basilica which is on the opposite side of the campus.
  13. I think another factor to consider is whether or not Stoops would continue to recruit at the same level if he were to lose Vince Marrow. He seems to be as much as a reason for the programs success as Stoops.
  14. I know the bar is higher for Cal but I think several coaches would be capable of coming in and having a similar level of success. 37 wins is nice but more a few losses would easily be forgiven if one were to win more than one title in a decade. If a couple of games had gone the other way Cal could easily be in a different atmosphere but as things stand he's only won one title. I think plenty of high level coaches would have interest in the job. Perhaps I'll be surprised when the time comes to replace Stoops but I just don't see UK football has having the same level of attraction. An
  15. I'm not so sure about that. To this point three of the four coaches prior to Cal won as many championships as he has and two of those three have almost as many final fours. Cal might have caused a bit more buzz but that could just be a factor of the social media era. The results on the court are quite similar to what UK fans have seen before. Stoops on the other hand seems to be entering uncharted territory for a UK football coach. Especially if we are taking like 1980's and on.
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