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  1. To add a little more perspective, Owensboro Catholic has played Hancock Co. at least once annually since 2007. Over those 15 games the average score as been 38.9 to 12.1 in favor of the Aces. Hancock County's only other win came in 2009. Only a handful of these games have really been competitive.
  2. I'm pretty sure that the second fumble was by C'Bo Flemister. However, as an Irish fan I rather enjoyed the Bulls use of the extra long snapper. Notre Dame really didn't need any breaks but they all went their way this game.
  3. I didn't notice much difference between them and the regular nuggets as far as heat, but the sauce is rather hot, but I thought it had a really good flavor, was more than just the heat. I would like to try some wings with that sauce.
  4. Based on the playoff game last year, I guess the ACC was a good enough tune up to be ready for the best shot the Big 10 had to offer.
  5. True, but unless we forget that these men are still students, than wouldn't they be going to class, etc. and being exposed to these 20,000 other students regardless of whether they have football practices or games? From what I understand the reality of the situation is that these men are treated nothing like the regular students and often don't attend class in favor of tutoring sessions, etc. How many days of the year are they not even physically present on campus during classes due to travel for games and such. You could still isolate them just fine if that is the desired outcome.
  6. Am I wrong in think that most of these players have been on campus all summer already, without any major incidents. Seems like had quite a few players test positive upon arrival, likely indicating that they were infected at home, but since that initial testing, has anybody heard of any outbreaks among college teams. Shouldn't that lead to presumption that playing games would not really be much different?
  7. It's a bit of a two way street though. Without UGA or Ohio St., how many people would even know who he is? Unless schools such as the Power 5 members go their own way, I think schools having to pay players is going to be very bad for the majority of student athletes and might be the death of most college sports. NIL is a bit of a different issue as the money would not have to come from the schools. I went to the University of Evansville and about half of my fraternity brothers were on the football team and we had several swimmers as well. Those guys played because they loved the game and were not concerned with the extra demands of going to practice, etc. In reality most were likely desperate to stay in the game as long as they could. They played Div II non-scholarship so there was zero reason to participate expect for the love of the game. Some of those guys went on to be doctors, lawyers, once is a county sheriff, and several are now teaching and coaching at the high school level. They knew that college was the end of the road as far as their playing career. Their was one exception who manged to get about 4 years with the NFL and a couple more in the CFL, but he was a bit of an exception as he started college playing baseball for a Big 10 school, but left after one year to play football at UE. He was a two time All American and they transferred to another Big 10 school to play football after which he was a 4th round draft pick. Unfortunately his profession career was injury plagued. Evansville no longer has a football team as they just couldn't afford to maintain a football program and comply with Title IX. Given that scenario, they certainly couldn't have been able to pay any of those players.
  8. So, in other words, it's Friday. 🍻
  9. This might work out for a few of the elite players and teams, but the overwhelming majority of college athletes would be hurt by this model as they would find their opportunity to play sports and the associated scholarships eliminated.
  10. I don't think KY has a limit on outdoor seating. For some restaurants, however, this isn't much of an option. Many of the restaurants in downtown Owensboro utilized the sidewalks in front of their storefronts for outdoor seating even prior to the lockdown, however, for many this amounts to 3 or 4 tables. If things continue much longer we are going to get weather that will basically prohibit outdoor seating at all, at which point these small restaurants will really be up against a rock and a hard place.
  11. If they require those, I'm screwed cause a can't find anything at the grocery without my glasses and I really doubt any goggles would work with the glasses.
  12. I'm not sure that joining a conference is all Notre Dame needs to claim another national championship. I hasn't worked for Penn St. Over the last 15 years or so I believe that only 3 schools not in the SEC have been able to win a national championship. Notre Dame is 33-6 over the last three years. I don't think very many schools can best that. They will be fine whether they join the ACC full time or not.
  13. As far as Vitamin-D I should be good. My wife has had me taking 5,000 iu a day since early March along with Zinc and a bunch of other stuff. With the studies that have come out regarding poor outcomes to those with Covid and Vitamin-D deficiencies, I think this is something that everybody should be doing. Can't see how it would hurt anybody to do it, and it's fairly inexpensive.
  14. India is finding use of HCQ has merit as a prophylactic. https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/pharma/why-icmr-continues-to-stand-firm-on-using-hydroxychloroquine-as-prophylaxis/76172274 India only has 25 deaths per million according to Worldometers.
  15. I was hospitalized two weeks ago (Non Covid issue) The staff that took care of me seemed to be in agreement that they wouldn't be wearing a mask if not required to. Maybe that was due to the fact that the hospital only had 4 Covid patients, perhaps if it were more they would have felt differently, who knows.
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