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  1. I need a history lesson. Who was the last presidential incumbent beaten in primaries?
  2. It's downtown on Broadway near the river. I asked around and found out that d Starnes isn't related, but the bbq is provided to them by Starnes. It was really confusing. I ate at Starnes, with the sea foam green building and lunch counter style seating.
  3. I'll tell you something I was confused by though- I couldn't figure out if it was d Starnes or Starnes I was supposed to go to. Ended up going to Starnes, but it wasn't easy.
  4. Just got back and ate Moonlite, Starnes and Backwoods. Good stuff all around. Wish I had time to try more. Does anyone know the history of BBQ in Western Ky? Why is that part of the country so good at it?
  5. What's more likely to happen is that one of the "VIP" members of the site is accused of rape. It would come back on the site because of the faults in their vetting process.
  6. Interesting stuff. In the tiers of online romance, this falls somewhere between Christian Mingle and Ashley Madison.
  7. I don't think they need a state to mandate that. Teacher should have enough sense to know it's a bad idea anyway.
  8. Any idea what's good in Mayfield?
  9. Yeah. There are 8-10k tickets up for sale Monday morning at 10am on Ticketmaster.
  10. Any of our friends from the western part of the state care to fill me in on the best places for BBQ from Owensboro west?
  11. We don't know yet (and may never know), but it's being speculated that it has to do with Eloy Vargas playing on the Dominican team.
  12. Oscar Combs is tweeting some cryptic things about the NCAA right now. Sounds like someone is pursuing legal action. No idea as to over what. The NCAA's twitter feed also said something to the effect that "The NCAA is still working with UK on the event. More details to come"
  13. ^That Cousins/Vargas matchup in the post should be a doozy. :lol:
  14. It's been a perfect storm to organize this. Probably will never happen again in our lifetimes. Lockout, Cal coaching the Dominican team, enough UK players to field a team, etc. Also surprised this hasn't grabbed more national media attention.
  15. As far as I know it won't be. Kind of a once-in-a-lifetime event. I plan on being there.
  16. No one mentioning this one yet? August 15 in Rupp. Roster for the UK team is tenatively set as: Nazr Mohammed Jodie Meeks Rajon Rondo Tayshaun Prince John Wall Eric Bledsoe DeMarcus Cousins Tickets on sale Friday.
  17. No, I'm not saying that. But would he even bring it up?
  18. Were they? Do you know? Or are you just making an assumption? I'm sure if it was a conservative camp they would be hailed as patriots. Again, this isn't about what went on at that camp. Dozens were murdered and none of them deserved to die, no matter what their political affiliation is. I just hate that Beck felt like he had to go there.
  19. Based on their claim alone, they may, MAY have a case. But my question is this- what in the world does it matter to them? Nothing more than an attention grab.
  20. Maher is no better than Beck- partisan ideologues who do nothing more than incite furor from the other side. But you have to admit, Beck saying this was in very poor taste at best and at worst it was disrespecting the people of Norway and the victims of the tragedy.
  21. Just when you thought that partisan politics knew no bounds, Glenn Beck comes rushing in with this gem: Good grief, man. Show a little more respect than that. http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/07/25/beck.norway/index.html
  22. It's the typical American attitude that we want a balanced budget and to cut spending but we don't want it to inconvenience us in the least.
  23. It may have only been 10 or so. I wasn't including the time Clinton had a balanced budget and a surplus.
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