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  1. How would they be the same. No way Bynum gives them what Howard gives them, except it would be similar on their cap. I'd prefer to be bad, have cap room and build. There are only two ways to build in the NBA now, sign big-time guys or draft. No one is going to sign in Orlando without Howard, why not draft? If you build well enough you could end up with something like San Antonio built or OKC is building. All it takes is one real star. Bynum is not that guy, why pay him like he is? You go firesale after you get rid of Howard. Cleveland doesn't look that bad going forward with Irving, though they should have gotten rid of more and tried to build slower. Maybe Cleveland could have had a combo like Kyrie and Anthony Davis. Would you not take a chance at that over having Bynum and an average team? The only way Orlando survives with that new arena is to hit the jackpot. I don't call Andrew Bynum the jackpot.
  2. You watch enough NBA to know that HT. Being mediocre is the worst thing you could be in the NBA. Getting Bynum or maybe Lopez with some other players helps the Magic be mediocre. Not good enough to contend, not bad enough to draft high. It would set them back 6 or 7 years.
  3. This is what I think as well. The only way Orlando can be a champion is through the draft with the way players are now. They can't build through the draft unless they're pretty bad. I'd want picks more than anything if I was going to trade Howard. Bynum or Lopez set the Magic back 6 or 7 years in the long-run IMO.
  4. Has he not improved from his rookie year until now? Throwing motion has cleaned up a lot IMO
  5. I bet Tebow is much improved next year. I think he stays in the whole year.
  6. I could see Orlando saying, just go ahead and turn down all that extra money. If they do that Howard's options are severly limited and he may be forced to resign.
  7. Scaredinosaur06. That is the name XBox gave me and I never changed it. I usually only have time for sports games.
  8. East Carter is playing their best basketball of the season. Genung has played very hard of late, Robinson has been very steady, and Quinn Huddle has played the best defense of his life. I was very happy for our boys, they have really picked it up at the end of the season. If there is a better basketball coach in the region that Brandon Baker, I haven't see it. The man can get it done in big games. West played hard. Kyle Brown played very big for them, I think Lawson is the best player in the region and he was very tough on the boards. Coach Webb will have them ready for Morehead, I still think they have a shot to make some noise over there.
  9. Great game to watch. I thought Quinn Huddle's defense on the big kid for Morgan was huge, so proud of that young man. Shame the game ended the way it did, and the unfortunate things happened after the game. Hate to see a great, hard fought game play out like that.
  10. That is what losers do. Blame it on Stansbury, he breeds that attitude.
  11. Ballgame. Who would have thought Miss State would do something classless with the game over? I can't even appreciate Stansbury as a coach, his teams always do crap like that.
  12. Did not imagine this game would be this close. Did Elliott play the game of their lives? They're going to be very good in the future, just didn't expect them to give WC a game this year.
  13. I don't think he'll be that good either. I'd take him somewhere after Davis, Barnes, MKG and Sullinger. I don't believe Perry Jones will do anything in the NBA. He's not aggressive enough. He'll easily be the bust of this draft IMO. Can't blame them. TJ struggles to score in the paint against height and has been inconsistent.
  14. Let's not even compare that Jordan and Pippen to Durant and Westbrook. Did you ever see MJ get pushed out to the 3 point line when calling for the ball? Some team will get physical with Durant and they will lose because they will shoot too many jumpers IMO. Westbrook is ripe to go off at anytime. Arvydas Sabonis' rotting corspe could guard Perkins or Ibaka in the post. A crazy team will make it in the West IMO, if the Lakers get even a trained animal to run the point I wouldn't put it past them. Head to head do you think Kobe is losing to Durant? I don't. If Memphis gets in and Z-Bo is back and healthy I'd love their chances with the addition of Speights. The Mavs have looked alot better lately. Of course Lob City is going to make noise, CP3 always plays well in the playoffs. Portland has played OKC tough and will continue to get better. I take the field and don't sweat it.
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