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Collinsworth Still impressing ND


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They were many, myself included who thought Mr. Collinsworth would have to have a red shirt year, before he could compete for playing time at ND. According to Coach Kelly Collinsworth has impressed in the pre-season workouts. In his opening press conference Kelly mentioned Collinsworth as one of a few freshman who may compete for playing time.


Kelly also cited freshmen Bennett Jackson and Austin Collinsworth as two young players who will be "in the mix to get on the bus."

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Adding on to what has already been stated, this is a recent post from Irish Illustrated.


Some late summer team tidbits...


With fall camp about to kick off this weekend, figured I'd throw out a last round of team tidbits from the summer conditioning program.


I posted this in another thread, but I've heard Dayne Crist continues to look good running the offense, better than he did during spring practice. And that's from the perspective of somebody around the defense. Nate Montana continues to run as the No. 2 quarterback going into camp. That might surprise some people, but it really shouldn't. There's not much in the way of depth chart shifting when the coaching staff can't even be there to monitor drills.


Kyle Rudolph was described to me as a "man amongst boys" and that it's "unfair" to try to cover him in passing drills. It doesn't matter who you're talking to about the team, Rudolph's name always comes up when the topic is who's in the best shape. Another guy I've heard positive buzz about is Ethan Johnson in terms of physical condition. Apparently he is among the best on the team in the hang clean, well over 325 pounds.


Lots of buzz about Cierre Wood this summer as well. I'm not predicting that Wood grabs the starting running back job, but I get the sense that there could be more competition here than a lot of people realize. Notre Dame won't have a default starting running back this year, whoever holds the job will have earned it.


One more guy I've heard about is Austin Collinsworth at receiver. Sounds like the kid has got skills and has turned a few heads. We'll see how that translates this season.


Four days until camp opens...

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Does ND redshirt?


No. However, it is possible for a player with eligibility remaining to play on the team during a 5th year provided that they have received their degree from Notre Dame and have been accepted into a graduate program at the University.

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