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  1. What about Terry Brown the Defensive Coordinator from CovCath he’s a NewCath alum but Campbell County resident. He was HC at Pendleton so he knows that part of the county.
  2. The move to Bottom at QB was brilliant... keeping both Noon and Benke as weapons really does open up the opportunities for the Highlands offense.... I also thought it was by far the best the O-line has played all year. It will be interesting to see how either CovCath or Cooper, with a week or two of preparation will attack the New look Highlands Offense.... Caught Cooper by surprise so they didn't have many blitz packages ready for the young QB. As a result he had plenty of time to throw and did so excellently.... Will CovCath and Cooper change that philosophy and attack the young QB with various blitz packages and disguised coverages? Will be fun to watch the chess match between coaches... because it's my opinion that physically all three teams are very evenly matched....
  3. If Covcath can’t establish a passing game than can at least produce a 100 yards of offense they won’t go far in the playoffs. Having said that I think they have the capability to do so.
  4. I think this is a good fit for both SCD and Coach Wirth!
  5. As turns out Coach Wirth and Coach Eicher had a lot in common... Eddie won state in his second year and is a run the likes of which CovCath has not seen since the 90's. Coach Wirth did some nice things at CovCath but wasn't capable of taking them to the next level... his time at Purcell I believe confirms that he has trouble elevating his players to the next level... Good not great.... average not good..
  6. If it’s dry CovCath by 17 or more. If it’s wet again. Covcath in a 1 score contest.
  7. Does the Colonel Athletic Network do baseball games? I haven't heard of any being broadcast.
  8. Pretty cool article about Michael Mayer on ND's rival site... hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting the link... It's just not that often we see a local kid get this much publicity at a major school like ND.. BlueAndGold.com - 22 TE Michael Mayer Eyeing Return Irish Visit
  9. One site is reporting a 10 year 5 Million a year deal.... If that is guaranteed, tough to turn down. Rumor also has it that Xavier is trying to put together a package that would pay him approx 3 Million a year for 6 years....either way the Mack family is going to get a big pay day out of this... as an XU fan I hope he stays...but I fear the $$ maybe too much to turn down.
  10. I could see Joe Frederick going there before Ruthsatz... I think Ruthsatz made his choice a few years back... High School over college. He could have been an assistant at several colleges, but the life of a college coach and rearing a family don't go well together.
  11. Can't think of better Hire for Campbell County! Great coach, great guy! He will instill a toughness in his team that will play well in the county.
  12. They were defintely the most Dominate team ever... I agree hard to compare teams from different era's, but I don't think it's arguable that they were so much better than anyone else in KY in 5A. With the exception of a Trinity team or two, or maybe a Highlands team (maybe), no High school team I can remember was as dominate... definitely no previous Covcath team. It was a fun year to watch!
  13. Very disappointing loss... Winton Woods is a very average team... CovCath continues to struggle with pressure...I'm getting quite concerned about this team, talent is not an issue... execution is.
  14. I hope he is successful, but he reminds me so much of Vince Young...I think his intellect is better than Vince, so maybe he will be able to make the jump.
  15. IMO nearly 30 years of work at the school should earn you something... Not many folks were complaining when they lost in the state Finals the first 2 years...If in fact he let discipline slip and other issues with the program were a problem, unless he was told last year to fix it...he should be given the opportunity to correct the problems. Sometimes a problem doesn't surface until it's too late to fix it in a given year...If the problem continued then it's a different story. I can guarantee you that the complaining from the parents, players and Alum were significantly louder in the late 90's than they were this past year. They gave coach Schneider the opportunity to correct it, and he did. Leading to a pretty nice run for the program in the 2000's. I'll be honest I was one of those who thought Coach Schneider should have been replaced... now that I'm older I recognize that winning Football games may not always be the most important thing a High School coach does...
  16. I am disappointed in Ron...Dan deserved another year, he earned that. If things didn't get better, then make the move. He forgets that the year prior to his last region title in Boys Basketball, also his last season as HC... Some of those same people were trying to get him fired as BBall coach...for not doing better with a stacked basketball team that featured 3 future D1 or D2 college Basketball players.
  17. I think his point is there used to be... St. Stephens, Corpus, St. Vincent, St. Bernard, St. Anthony, St. Francis and Sacred Heart... All of which had a larger enrollment than the Holy Trinity (which they all morphed into). The feeder system to NewCath is way smaller now, and St. Catherine and St. Thomas are significantly smaller as well. They have to get 50% of the St. Joes kids, which gets harder and harder each year, to have a chance to be a viable school let alone a viable football team.
  18. I agree that ultimately the head Coach is responsible for his teams discipline. However, discipline starts and ends at home...If kids hear parents that are constantly belittling or degrading coaches at home and in the stands, it has a ripple effect to the locker room and ultimately the field. Let's not kid ourselves that NewCath's players are "inner City" in the sense that they have no respect for authority of any kind, school and coaches included. The socio-economic make up may not be the same as Indian Hill, but the vast majority of the kids at NCC are from Middle to Upper Middle class homes. If they are saying the Dan didn't have discipline on the practice field and at games, then he has changed his coaching style dramatically, and I have a hard time believing that. If they are saying that parents/coaches didn't show respect for Dan, and thus the players didn't respect Dan, then there is a bigger problem at NewCath. Having said that I remember in the not to distant past, before his latest 9th Region title, parents bad mouthing and complaining about Ron Dawn and the fact that "boys Basketball" had passed him by... sounds like the culture at NewCath sports might be the problem.
  19. In four years 2 state runner up's a loss in the quarter finals and a second round exit in the playoff's... While the last two years haven't been ideal, the overall accomplisment in 4 years is pretty strong... I'm still not convinced there's not more to the story... this was Dan's dream job, and he still seemed to have the passion for coaching earlier this year when I talked to him.
  20. Was it a forced Resignation or is Dan just ready to move on with something else?
  21. I can't believe Ron Dawn would do that after one sub-par year... if he's gone there has to be something else behind it.
  22. To the Camel fans who did you think was better Covcath or Trinity?
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