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  1. Yeah your right you know what you are talking about! Next time everyone ask frank!!!
  2. I believe that their is a issue how old he is! Also he is behind in school!
  3. There is a reason why Cov Cath didn't take this guy! I don't think it is smart on New Cath part!
  4. Where would you recommend to go on a weekend trip with a big fan? It has to be 2 to 3 hours from Cincinnati?
  5. I think there is only two position that are for sure for CCH next year! Cole and Andy Flood! You can go big and you can go small with this team next year.
  6. Who do you think your starting five for your school will be next year?
  7. Is this rick Meyers?

  8. They have spring practice two weeks after basketball is over! So it would have to happen soon before that!
  9. Any word who he has hired to coach on his staff?
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