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  1. I can put this ridiculous thread to bed for you..... Barth did not dress for this game, starters played sparingly (and not particularly well) and never pressed, JV played almost entire second half and only pressed for a portion of game(when it got to 12 pts) Beechwood hit a couple of 3s late..... it was exciting for them to get it close etc etc. It's called not getting anyone hurt in an insignificant game immediately before Districts. Come on people, find another topic, no story here......
  2. I agree with this assessment, I would add that if Cooper can sneak past Conner they would also be a threat. There is great parity at the top with Ryle proving to be the favorite. On some level, it comes down to matchups and ability to win three in a row (That's where Dixie probably doesn't measure up) HHS & Dixie will likely have tough first round draws (based on runner-up seeding) so their three game run has to get out of the gate early... Should be a dandy tourney.....
  3. Elana, you are a joy to watch....excited that you have made your choice and will remain in KY. ! This girl quietly goes about her business and just plays hard and consistent. Stay confident in your abilities and you will go far ! Good luck girl !:thumb:
  4. I believe that this game really came down to one team carrying out a very good game plan and the other one not adjusting to the fact that what they were able to do to other teams didn't work against HHS. Specifically, they pressed the entire game and created very few turnovers that lead to quick scores/offensive runs. More than that, they were a step slow on D and a LOT of their fouls were from not cutting off the sideline resulting in blocking fouls. Again, a pressing team getting more fouls. There were some obvious suspect calls, 5th on Schwarber comes to mind .......welcome to HS basketball? Officiating did not decide this game. Regarding HHS being a barely above average team and "playing as well as they can play" is an unfounded backhanded slap at a team you have likely only seen play once. Further, if they are not a quality team, then this is a really bad loss for CC. The characterization that Schwarber&Clos sat "half the game" is simply not accurate. Before fouling out, Schwarber sat very little, Clos sat some in 1st Half w/fouls and some situational subbing to protect her from fouls in 2nd half.......state title contenders have to be able to adapt to this inevitibility. That this "barely above average team" was able to hold the trio of Clos/Schwarber/Stapleton each well below their respective scoring averages might be the lesson for CC to start considering for moving forward. It's on film now so it's time to make adjustments and for other players to step up if they do hope to make a run. CC has a very nice team but adjustments, not excuses, will help them succeed. I hope they grow from this and go far. As for HHS, this could be turning the corner for them to believe...... Healthy and focused, they have a legitimate chance in a very balanced 9th.
  5. Yes. CampCo has a really good team but this may not have been their best game. Have to credit HHS game plan that was executed very well. Didn't let best shooters get good looks, played aggressive and kept game close. CampCo never got a long run except when they went from 20-18 to 28-18 but HHS closed back quickly. Losing Schwarber in 4th hurt CC but game was close with & W/out her. Bottom line, HHS didn't back down and stayed with plan to end w/ Barth playing great game to finish line. Didn't flinch when they were behind in OT. Exciting game to watch, shot by Stapleton was awesome, CC rebounded well by tipping balls to keep them alive, needed someone else besides Clos /Schwarzenegger/Stapleton to get hot but it didn't happen. CC pressed whole game but didn't get many TO. Give credit where it's due.... this may not be result in rematch but today HHS executed well enough to pull upset.
  6. Campbell is very good....I think Conner would have to shoot an exceptional percentage from floor to stay in this one. Also being at home, I like CampCo by 15
  7. This young man epitomizes what HS b-ball should be about. Stay put and play with your friends and in front of friends/family. Being recruited should be left to the AAU circuit and colleges, not high schools ! Dontaie is a super talent and a humble young man with the right priorities that his parents have instilled in him. Planning to make the trek to support him in person again this year.....have fun and enjoy your HS experience!
  8. Was that player picked up in the Rule 5 draft........if so she has to be on active roster all year or be offered back to her original team.....:clap:
  9. That's too easy, because that would put them below SK Guess we'll know soon enough since HHS and Scott open against each other tomorrow...
  10. Why is this HHS fault? Maybe you should change the thread title to "How much money did CovCath cost themselves when they beat HHS so bad they wouldn't come back"? lol
  11. I am not surprised at all by this discussion. "The only reason HHS won was because of outside talent", apparently no one else but Dale can motivate and coach, kids aren't working as hard, fire the staff.....did I miss anything? HHS averages about 3-4 state championships in every decade since the 60's, they don't win one EVERY year! A couple of years of not winning and it's all the sudden a crisis......Covcath has a great team this year and MAY win a state championship......for historic purposes go back and read some CovCath threads leading up to this now, sound familiar ?! People, relax and enjoy Covcath's run in HHS absence, appreciate the renewed rivalry, and I'm guessing HHS will have their day again. For the record, I suspect BW has one more state championship as HC than anyone else posting on here. Oh, that's right, those were "Dale's" players:isurrender:
  12. I know this is too early because the season is not over and they do not have a state championship (yet?) Aside from an actual state championship,the question is: with a D1 QB, solid depth, good skill positions & lines and a dominate D thus far.......would this be the best team fielded by CovCath ever? Simply put....if they do win 5A this year, is it their best team, if not who was?
  13. Just to be clear, the first part of your statement is correct because it came from Billie Bob's cousin who knows the freshman coach and the second part is your opinion? If they can't handle the 5A schedule anymore then they should certainly considering removing all those 6A teams as well, oh how the mighty have fallen!:idunno:
  14. Before the naysayers start.... who really gave HHS a chance in this one. (See poll) Disappointing yes, but that team is getting better each week, still work to do. Maybe the coaching staff that should be worried is SK, prohibitive favorites? It might be time to get HHS off the schedule again Might be last time SK taste victory on Birds for awhile?
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