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  1. This will be a great game. Fern Creek may have the edge. They like to get up and down the floor which will take the big man Jake right out of the game. He can’t keep up at all.
  2. What a monster game by the Camels big 3. Clos was huge with a double double 21 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assist. Jolly was a beast underneath 20 points and 9 rebounds. Day did a great job handling the ball 23 points and 7 assist.
  3. Camels have great guard play. Paris is knows for pressing teams and causing lots of turnovers. With the Camels great guard play they blew Paris out by 36. Camels can really handle a press and don’t turn the ball over much at all. Should be a great game to watch.
  4. Clos and Jolly may not be that tall but do a great job rebounding. The Camels also have some really good defenders lead again by Clos. Jolly, Clos, Day, and Wilson can all score. Camels also have a good bench. Camels can play up and down the floor or a half court game. This is the year Camels get to the final 4. They are just really talented this year
  5. Heck of a player. Plays with nothing but heart. Love his hustle and passion for the game. He is a great kid on and off the court. It couldn’t have happened to a better kid. Camels are not done. Let’s make a run at Rupp Arena.
  6. Got every game right but 1. I was a great regional tournament. Every game but the 2 opening round games were super close. Great job by all teams. Great sportsmanship. Love the 10th region and the Fieldhouse.
  7. It was a great. Clos was off scoring but played amazing defense. Day way unbelievable scoring. Jolly just did his thing that he does every night. Schaffer came off the bench and played very well. I truly think he was the difference. Had a few great assist late in the game. Going to be another great one tonight. 10th region has to get sick of having a 37th district finals almost every year. What is this 3 of the last 4 years
  8. I’m not saying anything. If I did it would be wrong anyway. It has been a crazy tournament. Boys and girls. Just hope the kids have a great time and show great sportsmanship.
  9. Camels by a bunch. Scott by a bunch. These games won’t be close at all. If you haven’t seen the lady camels play, you should come tonight. They are very impressive.
  10. What’s your predictions? Just have to go with what I truly think. I think Camels are the only team that can possibly beat GRC. Who ever wins between GRC/Campbell will win the region.
  11. GRC wins, Camels wins Pendleton wins, Scott wins GRC/Camels. Camels win Pendleton/Scott. Scott wins Camels/Scott. Camels win the 10 region
  12. I agree. Scott is very good. I just can’t wait for regional play. Love the atmosphere at the fieldhouse in late February. It’s a wide open field and going to be some great games. A lot of evenly matched teams. GRC, Pendleton, Campbell, Paris, and Scott are all really good teams. Know where I’m going to be the next couple of weeks.
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