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  1. Yep. In head to head games against the top 4 opponents, she outscored Scherr, Crittendon, Lockard, Drummonds, Pelphrey, equaled Bradshaw, was outscored by Murphy while her team went 3-1 against them. Passes, handles and steals, also.
  2. Everybody has their own perspective .... mine is that Highlands was the second best team in the region (beat Conner, NDA, Dixie, played Ryle closer than anyone else) and their leading scorer (Macke), who got face guarded and a lot of attention in every one of those games, out scored everyone from those teams on this list, except for Murphy, head to head. No one gave her or Highlands any credit all year, even after they beat NDA, Conner, Dixie, and Walton and lost to Butler by a point and played with Ryle the entire game. Objectively I say she belongs on the first team. My perspective.
  3. Thanks. SK always seemed to be way out on the fringe when they were in the 9th, but still that only meant a 20-30 minute drive to us. I was just curious. Carry on.
  4. Seems strange to me that two teams of that caliber in the same region don't play each during the regular season. I know the size of the schools is way different, but Anderson is clearly good enough to compete with SK. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. I already posted this regarding jumping the gun on Ludlow; perhaps you didn’t see it. Turns out you were very, very correct. Ludlow and St. Henry were very evenly matched. In fact the way Dixie has played of late, is there any chance Ludlow cuts down nets? Asking for a friend. “St. Henry/Ludlow point taken. Any possibility Lloyd competes as well? Really like Jayla Labordeaux, didn’t know what the results of those matchups have been this year.“
  6. Question has been asked many times I think, but I don't recall the answer. Do all Coaches vote on all 3 divisions, or do you just vote within your division?
  7. That’s a great post. Always cool to look backward 3 years to see how kids have developed .... well done.
  8. Highlands will be trying to keep CovCath from a 4th straight, while Highlands will be trying to win its first since 2001. Enjoy this boys … its the best freshman tournament (probably the best non-varsity tournament) in the state. 1959 - Boone County 1960 - 1961 - 1962 - Boone County 1963 - Newport Catholic 1964 - Newport Catholic 1965 - John G. Carlisle 1966 - Covington Catholic 1967 - Newport Catholic 1968 - Covington Catholic 1969 - Covington Holy Cross 1970 - 1971 - Covington Holy Cross 1972 - Covington Catholic 1973 - Covington Catholic 1974 - 1975 - Covington Catholic 1976 - Twenhofel 1977 - Holmes 1978 - Simon Kenton 1979 - 1980 - Newport Catholic 1981 - Newport Catholic 1982 - Covington Catholic 1983 - 1984 - Newport Central Catholic 1985 - Highlands 1986 - Simon Kenton 1987 - 1988 - 1989 - Covington Catholic 1990 - 1991 - Covington Catholic 1992 - Covington Catholic 1993 - Covington Catholic 1994 - Covington Catholic 1995 - Highlands 1996 - Highlands 1997 - Covington Catholic 1998 - 1999 - Covington Catholic 2000 - Dixie Heights 2001 - Highlands 2002 - Covington Catholic 2003 - Covington Catholic 2004 - Covington Catholic 2005 - Covington Catholic 2006 - Ryle 2007 - Covington Catholic 2008 - Boone County 2009 - Boone County 2010 - Scott 2011 - Covington Catholic 2012 - Covington Catholic 2013 - Simon Kenton 2014 - Covington Catholic 2015 - Covington Catholic 2016 - Covington Holy Cross 2017 - Covington Catholic 2018 - Covington Catholic 2019 - Covington Catholic
  9. What were the CovCath v Highlands JV and Frosh regular season results this year?
  10. St. Henry/Ludlow point taken. Any possibility Lloyd competes as well? Really like Jayla Labordeaux, didn’t know what the results of those matchups have been this year. Conner beat Ryle early this year, I think by a lot. Any details on that game? Scherr play the whole game? Highlands beat Dixie. Highlands beat Notre Dame. Highlands beat Conner. Highlands lost by 7 to Ryle, but it was a competitive, 1 possession game until late in 3rd quarter, and even then it was not out of reach until the final minute. Ryle has beaten Notre Dame and Dixie by 25+ the last couple of weeks. Holtman has been Ryles leading scorer OF LATE. Looking at those results and the way Ryle has been playing, what team has demonstrated a realistic chance at knocking off Ryle? Anything can happen, and Ryle is undoubtedly the top dog, but Highlands has proven itself against everyone in the Ninth, and everyone that had the Bluebirds a distant fifth just six weeks ago was clearly off the mark.
  11. With the Ninth Region regular season schedule pretty much wrapped up, Ryle emerges as clear number 1, with Holtman emerging as their leading scorer. Highlands is a clear number 2, the only team that can play within single digits of Ryle. Next is Notre Dame who will grind out a win in the 30s or 40s against everyone else, followed by Dixie and Conner. The District winners will be Ryle, Dixie, Notre Dame and Highlands, with Conner, St. Henry, Holy Cross and Newport Catholic as district runners up. Conner has a chance of pulling off a first round win in the regional, but there is a strong likelihood that the region's final four are Ryle, Dixie, Notre Dame and Highlands. From there it all depends on the draw.
  12. Umm, Highlands has beaten Notre Dame, Dixie and Conner in the past 2 weeks and has the best record in the Ninth Region. Ryle and Notre Dame certainly COULD wind up in the finals, but I feel like the presumption of that is a little misguided at this point...
  13. 11/14 from three last night, now at 49 percent from distance on almost 200 attempts. Also shooting 89 percent from the line. Leading the state in scoring. By any objective measure, one of the greatest shooting seasons in Kentucky girls history.
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