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  1. Neither did Dicky on the radio. They didn’t have a 20 listed on their roster!!
  2. Ashland played hard just could not get the stops on 3rd Downs to get off the field. Game was 35-27 Ashland forced a fumble but couldn’t recover before it went out of bounds and the D wore out after that. Congrats to Johnson Central.
  3. Signs all over Ashland saying PACK PUTNAM. Should be a huge crowd and not just Ashland and JC fans. You going to the game? Ashland hasn't had a turnover in 3 games. If they can hold on to the ball again tomorrow night they will win.
  4. I saw him he was at the game. Was my teacher in grade school at Oakview and then again in Middle School. Was also a coach for the CATS in the 80s and 90 Title Team. Great guy!!!
  5. Place will be packed. When Putnam is packed it's hard to beat it. Better get their early for a good seat. As of now high of 59 and 40% chance of Rain. Hoping Putnam has a little magic left in her for Friday!!
  6. Bourbon too me looked bigger then Central in the trenches but as most games this season Ashland was way more physical then the bigger opponent.
  7. Or for as small in size and height how hard Ashland will hit you.
  8. Congrats Rams!!! Go beat Paintsville!!!
  9. Well it's a home game and Ashland is playing some really good football and this is a BIG one they know they can beat them. They have to play another great game, not a perfect game just a great one.
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