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  1. Really looking forward to going down. I've never been to Boyle but anticipating a great atmosphere for a very good game.
  2. Elder will be bigger, faster, stronger, and more skilled at every position. Elder will be up at least 28-0 at half.
  3. Does a win at Boyle put HHS in the #1 spot? I think it might unless SC or FD blow out the other.
  4. He's a Junior RB, but has a nagging injury and has only played about 7 or 8 snaps this year. They have played all year without him so no change to the game plan, but when he comes back, he's a difference maker for sure and capable of taking it to the house every carry.
  5. No clue who wins this one, but it's going to be close. I'd say 21-14. I'm pulling for the Birds, but it could go either way. I wouldn't count on Buten. I think they'll give him another week and have him ready for district play.
  6. Boyle will not score more than 28 against HHS D. The question will be, can the Birds move the ball against Boyle.
  7. Ryle was sending 7 guys and playing man on WRs with no help over the top most of the night... HHS had 5 on the line and single back... Was it the players or the play calling that didn’t show up? Seems like a bad scheme to me.
  8. Buten DNP and 4 score win. I’ll take it. England as I said, wouldn’t be a factor. Maybe 30 yards???
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