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  1. CONGRATS !!!! Best of luck in your collegiate career.
  2. "NO JEAN - NO MONEY" "NO JEAN - NO MONEY" Keep positive ..... Be safe
  3. Good luck to Him - His Staff & Players. All the best.
  4. Wish him all the best as well. Class guy - did a classy job. He will be missed. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  5. Who would have ever thunk it ? Medical discussions on BGP ,,,,,,
  6. Congrats to the Tigers. Better Team tonight. Thought T had a bad off night. Missed a lot of shots they normally make. Don't know if would have made the difference - but would have been a closer game. Congrats again. Beat the Big BAd Bruins.
  7. The "Momma Rocks" sew and hand make all of T's uniforms
  8. Totally agree. Have often said - harder and tougher - requires more grit and determination to "suit up" for Shawnee / Atherton / Iroquois - than T or X or H. JMHO
  9. 1. Shawnee 2. Iroquois 3. Atherton 4. Valley 5. Southern
  10. Totally agree. Not the Rocks night. Ran into a better team
  11. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Keep it one at a time.
  12. WHO KNEW ????? Congrats. Very very nice. Why not keep it going?
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