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  1. Maybe the H fan base should rethink that nonsensical "Daddy's Money Chant." Does not seem to serve them well.
  2. Congrats on the HUGE WIN. Thanks also to TP for all the updates.
  3. Congrats to Male. Clearly the superior team. "Men" playing "Boys". Good learning experience for the young Rocks.
  4. Male too too tough. They have been the best team all year - and have done nothing but improve on that. IMVHO - I think H just "toyed" with X in the first game. Saturday night will be a rerun of last Friday night (for the Dawgs).
  5. Wonder if anybody told them it is "illegal" to wear those play cards on the belt ? Safety Issue
  6. Don't see Manual even getting close. X has too much this year.
  7. Let's not get carried away. How about one at a time? Have to get by B first.
  8. Meant to say above = RARELY ARE. Congrats to SHA. Good for them -long drought
  9. WADR - not sure it matters whether you get it or not. Their vessel, their charter, their crew.
  10. Congrats. Well earned and well deserved. Bet lots of happy folks on Poplar Level & out Preston.
  11. CONGRATS!!!! Well earned - despite a season like no other. Ever. Hard to see a vital cog like Mr. Ely on the sideline unable to compete. A very special group of young men.
  12. I'm not sure that Lexington teams/ FB - is very strong or competitive. Sorry.
  13. Good point - as well as the rest of the Staff. That has to factor in - I believe.
  14. Congrats to KCD. See how they handle the real bright lights. Oops - day game. Good luck
  15. IMVHO - it's both. Felt that #7 would wear down - clear to everyone what X's plan was - but he never did. Credit to that young man. When #12 came in - that was obvious as well. Felt bad for him. He got hammered. T brought the house. But you can only do so much with what you have. Agree with tcjkbt - X vastly improved. See what X coaches do with their promising youth next year. Again, congrats on this season.
  16. Nice win Rocks. Congrats to the Tigers - they came to play. No quit in them. Let's get # 27.
  17. Hope and prayers the insidious virus stays away and allows the game to be played.
  18. I've got to say - that I sincerely doubt that many on here would admit to have expected X to have gotten this far and play in the STATE SEMI-FINAS . Congrats to on that feat alone.
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