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  1. That's exactly what prompted the legislation. Couple couldn't get their sick daughter to the hospital because the road was blocked with idiots.
  2. Could Boone County impose a special school tax on the builders for every new home that's built in the county?
  3. With the enormous presence Amazon is making in Hebron, KY, I would think they would be a great partner to help out with Conner's field. Could get very creative with naming the field.
  4. Who covers the cost of on going maintenance on Ryle's field? When the time comes for a replacement, who will cover that expense?
  5. Wish we could go back to 1980 and watch Sports Tonight with Nick Charles and Fred Hickman. Couldn't wait til 11:00 PM when that came on. The good ole' days Clyde.
  6. I could care less if his whole body it tatted. Was just making the point that it's not all kids. Wasn't saying anything negative about the kid.
  7. Went to Wildcat out of necessity. Beat one team with a winning record who had one win against a winning record.
  8. Playing time not the issue at all. Turning into a "Wildcat" team. Could be more defections.
  9. I get what people are saying about the criteria question for sure. It's a confusing situation. The year Barker won 5A POY, someone else from 5A was Mr. FB. Dante Hendrix should of absolutely been a finalist for this award. No way the 6A POY is not a finalist.
  10. If Bud takes a shot like that on Brady, I want to see how the Patriots react. That will be fun.
  11. Was attempting to get into Mario's (a great spot btw), and apparently had been banned there due to previous incident/s. Grabbed the officer by both of his wrists who happened to be 5'9" 145. Then walked away disobeying the officer's commands to stop and put his hands behind his back. He finally succumbed and they booked him into the jail. Idiot.
  12. Every saint has a past........every sinner has a future.........keep on keepin' on Zeke.
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