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  1. This is a year of stats that jump off the page for the Colonels. I think this one tops them all. Six the the Colonels 7 TD drives were 32 seconds or less and all 7 totaled 2:30 of clock time.
  2. Everyone for the record it's CJ Fredrick and Jake Walter. There are not s's on the end.
  3. Roy's presence at CCH events will be sadly missed. The only thing Roy loved more than CCH was his his kids and grandkids. Roy was a man's man. He commanded respect. Here's my CCH Mount Rushmore: Dan Tieman, Jack Kaelin, Mote Hils and Roy Romes.
  4. With a one handed diving catch against Boone Co Dante Hendrix is the top play. Wow. Anyone have the video?
  5. My biggest regret with not being able to broadcast last night because there was no room in the press box was that the game pitched by Will Heppler was not captured for posterity as it was a gem. Not going to let that happen again. I'm getting there EARLY. Here's the link to the game.
  6. Thanks a lot Golden Sunrise. Fair and balanced with '81 Conner grad Greg Spencer in the booth who did a fabulous job and as informed on HS hoops as anyone in the state. And he's back tomorrow as Rich Maile is watching Luke play for the Rays in spring training.
  7. Click here if you want to listen to CovCath Internet Radio.
  8. Brad and Troy do an outstanding job. And I always look forward to seeing them at the games. It's been a bright spot lately. They are supposed to be homers. And besides being great announcers they are very dedicated and reliable. It's a huge commitment. I'm sure they don't get the credit they deserve but they don't want any. They just want to bring the game to the fans that can't make it.
  9. Thanks again to everyone for helping to remember Brother Bill The Producer in this thread. I want to make sure everyone knows the rest of the story about Billy filling in for me when I was asked to be a sponsor. He volunteered. I never would have asked him. He insisted. When a passion collided with family, Brother Bill always put family first.
  10. Thanks so much for the kind words about Brother Bill The Producer. He was with me since day 1. He was a true blue Colonel. He loved Covcath so much. And nothing made him happier than that basketball state title. He died a happy man. I read your messages to my Mother. She was so truly moved. Keep them coming.
  11. The game today starts at 4:30 and not 5:00. Tune in as Rich Maile and I bring you live post season action of the 35th District and hopefully 9th Region tournaments.
  12. It's time for CovCath Baseball on CovCath Internet Radio! Join me and Rich Maile​ as we bring you post season action starting with the first round of the 35th District Tournament as the Colonels take on the Holy Cross Indians. The game starts at 5:00 on Wednesday (5/20). Winner plays in the finals on Thursday at 5:00 against the Beechwood Tigers who beat the Holmes Bulldogs in game 1. Click here for all the games.
  13. Tonight's Colonel team is the team I saw beat Wilmington. We see this team next week and they are going to be tough to beat. Bolden played at least 25 minutes. I think his hand injury suffered against HC Wednesday night played a factor. Wrapped up pretty good.
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