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  1. Agreed. However, that's where we expect the officers to be abnormal. It's normal to be mad that someone disrespected you. It's normal to want to shown who's boss. BUT police still have to follow the law.
  2. Still doesn't warrant the potential danger high-speed chases put the officers and the public in over a non-violent offender. Catch him if you can do it quickly and safely. Otherwise, it's often not worth the risk.
  3. Refresh my memory. Besides prep school did he play for any other high school than PCC?
  4. $25M for 15 and 7. Good gig if you can get it.
  5. He has been released from his LOI at Ohio State.
  6. Some would argue a non-violent purse thief being chased by 8 cruisers for an hour at sometimes high speeds is not worth the risk to the officers nor citizens. I can see that argument.
  7. As ATM said the NFL is a perfect example. Changing rules about tackling/hits. For years they've been making it easier for the offense because fans like points. The consumer drives decisions made by the leagues.
  8. Finished it today. What a case study that guy could be.
  9. Without knowing what kind of fight the guy was putting up against the officers it's hard to say. If he just had his hands up trying to protect himself then it probably falls into the "excessive" category. My guess is the officers were jacked up from the chase and their adrenaline was flowing pretty hard(not justifying - just explaining a possible reason). It really looked like one guy was doing the beating. The chase/no chase decision is always an interesting debate. If an officer's cruiser crashed into a bystander and/or their car LMPD would have a tough sell. Not an easy call IMO.
  10. The worse possible thing Congress could do right now is to repeal the existing healthcare bill and then delay implementing a new bill to replace it. Markets would collapse. I'll let you guess what POTUS advocated this morning in a tweet. As a bonus I'll give you another guess as to what a talking head on Fox News was advocating about 10 minutes prior to the POTUS tweet.
  11. There are a lot of backup catchers now wondering if their team will take a flyer on Montero.
  12. Depends on what one thinks the vote said. If one believes the 9-0 vote said the travel ban , as it existed prior to this ruling, should never have been stayed then that would be misleading. If one believes the 9-0 vote was saying the issue of POTUS authority should be reviewed AS LONG AS the ban is modified then that would be accurate.
  13. The administration has put a tight definition on what qualifies as "close family." Grandparents, for example, do not qualify. Hawaii is considering taking the new interpretation to court.
  14. Since we have a history of comments by him regarding what the D party should be focused on and what they can do to get him out of the WH it's pretty obvious. It's a "nothingburger" because it doesn't matter until it's proven AND its nothing any anti-POTUS folks can control. He's been pretty clear that it's a waste of energy. Let Mueller do his thing and we'll see what comes out. Again, not difficult to do the math. Your video guy has a history of taking clips and distorting them. Ironic that you grasp onto his videos with such gusto.
  15. No need to remind me. Well aware of it.
  16. He didn't say the issue was crap. He said it was not what Ds should be pushing.
  17. While there is a chunk of folks who think it was 100% responsible for HRC losing I think most are more concerned about how they did it, the POTUS seeming lack of concern, and who was involved. You could be right but you're guessing. I assume at some point we'll have an actual report presented and get a better picture.
  18. The Van Jones thing is a complete joke. It's not what you want it to be. So you were serious when you asked about CNN being held liable? 70%? Good lord. As they say in the country you're ate up.
  19. Completely false or false if it involved the POTUS? Flynn? Manafort? Kushner?
  20. Late to the thread. Can you be a little more specific in what part you consider to be the "Russian hoax?"
  21. I'll slightly disagree. I don't think the #1 goal was a "jab." It was an immediate reaction due to being thin-skinned. How in the world does he have time to watch cable news every morning?
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