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  1. Even though I really struggle grasping this, I love reading about it. Thanks for posting, Guru, I really enjoy your post and take on this type of thing. Keep them coming!
  2. He brought in old Cards. Walt's plan wasn't sustainable in STL and we are seeing it's not sustainable in Cincinnati. It was DeWitt who wanted a more sustainable plan. The families (Williams and DeWitts) are very close. I would be really surprised if he doesn't follow the Cards in putting more of an emphasis on drafting and developing. Also getting as many young arms as possible. I just don't know how you do not see that if you're in charge...
  3. I really want to see the Cards get Heyward back. Open the wallet and pay the man. Molina, Holliday and Wainwright are getting older. Need a new face of the franchise with Carp. Plus, I could watch Heyward play all day.
  4. Comes from a baseball family and I think Williams will use his connections to the DeWitt's (STL) and try to model the team that way.
  5. So are you a superior fan because you only cheer for OSU in every sport? I've never understood this. Can you explain to me why this matters? Or why you're even concerned with who someone cheers for?
  6. No way OSU is left out, even if they lose a game. They are the Yankees of college football for crying out loud!
  7. The US one was the Station Nightclub fire in New Jersey. Killed 100 I believe. Same cause. There is a video of that fire on youtube. It's extremely painful to watch but I will never go into a club/bar/restaurant without knowing where my exit is and checking if it has sprinklers.
  8. Best part of this thread was the Yankees comment. Lol.
  9. I cannot believe this is a story. Where are we at in society?? :ohbrother:
  10. The article written in March is truly a masterpiece. I encourage all BGP members, whoever you like, to read it.
  11. Hopefully I don't have to hear about overrated Ole Miss again this year. Great win for the American.
  12. I like MSU in this one. If I was a betting man, I'd be all over that spread.
  13. :sssh: One of the coolest things I've seen in sports.
  14. Congrats to all the Cubs fans on here. They straight up punched the Cards in the mouth and deserve to move on. Schwarber is a STAR. I honestly like him better than any other Cub. He just has it. I am the biggest Matheny supporter there is and was very vocal on here about him being the manager of the year for what he did with this team.... That being said, Maddon worked him in this series. Matheny is a master of the regular season and does a great job getting his guys through 162, but he HAS to stop managing in October like it's July vs the Brewers... He will be the first to say he is still learning so I just hope the adjustments are made for the years to come. Can't wait for the Cubs/Cards series next year. Good luck to the Cubs the rest of the way. I'm hoping for a Blue Jay/Cubs Fall Classic.
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