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  1. What does Holy Cross need to return to being a viable team? Higher enrollment? Better luck with talent? Better coaching?
  2. Caldwells defense is outstanding. Offense needs some figuring out. 1 special team and 1 defensive touchdown was the difference in the game for County.
  3. Caldwell has struggled offensively with pressure off the edge and defensively has played an outstanding game.
  4. The Haka originated back in 2009 if I recall. It was at the CCH Highlands basketball game. Domata Peko of the bengals nephew was a senior there and did the haka in front of the colonel crazies before the game. Tucker Browning as a retaliation did it as well and the tradition kinda started there.
  5. Alot of people have been saying that UK is now a major player for Randle, but I'm not sure if I believe it.
  6. Any idea why? Will he have to sit out?
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0x7WrttSNgk Watcha got?
  8. Thanks for the explanation and I see where you are coming from, do you think they would have or still will have a winning record?
  9. Youc could say that Campbellmad this years team competitivebut the two previous years he had 2 wins, and has now equaled the win total ofFisk's last year. I think a fair question would be why was Fisk fired for sharing an almost identical record, but Campbell seemed to skate by and even gain praise from the fans?
  10. Lots of teams deal with bad facilities and continue to win, I'm not buying that as an excuse for Campbel simply not being what people thought he was going to be.
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