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  1. I've seen this happen a lot and I agree that it seems too convenient for this to happen right after "updates". I've even experienced this a few times myself. As far as battery life goes 2 years is around the standard range for an iPhone.
  2. Some of the most telling evidence to me is that someone like Hynek was basically hired to be a "disprover" or debunker but actually got very intrigued by the UFO phenomena himself. Then you have someone like General Forrestal who was Sec. of Defense and assigned to head up MJ-12, a group of top scientists, administrators, military, etc. who researched the phenomena in the 1950's. Forrestal was convinced there was something to the UFO phenomena and wanted the public to be informed. Unfortunately this view was not shared by other MJ-12 members or those high up in the government, and he was ultimately taken out although the official cause of death is suicide (after "falling out" of a multi story window). Two very important individuals who were put in place to study this phenomena and receive numerous reports and data on the subject and two who were utterly convinced something was going on with it that cannot be explained. This is why I choose to believe there may be more to whats going on than what we have been led to believe. And one last point, I do believe that we are beginning to see disclosure into the subject of UFO's. Many countries are now declassifying a lot of their UFO documents, the UK, Russia, other EU countries, and even the USA to an extent. I feel everyone is looking for a big announcement with people in suits coming to the podium and saying... "they're here". Well in my opinion that isn't what is going to happen. Basically what is happening is these countries are releasing what once was top secret documentation into the subject and saying, here's the proof you can read it and access it if you want. Thus only those interested will take the trouble to learn about some of these cases, a soft disclosure if you will. That is also why I feel there are so many UFO shows and documentaries now, many of which detail many of the declassified documents. So for me, the shows, the documents, and everything that has been happening in the last couple of years has been a form of disclosure, it's just not coming how many people always imagined it would.
  3. Does this effect things with Blue Smith in any way? I always read that Urban and company have always viewed him as a TE at the next level.
  4. Southern Miss game will set the tone and as you all have said will not be easy. With that said, I look for them to pull it out as it would be catastrophic to drop two consecutive openers to the "fighting Brett Favre's".
  5. Just as I suspected.... I'm hoping this has really helped him as I've seen first hand what prescription drug dependence can do. Tiger Woods says he has completed intensive program
  6. Both correct! That was my bad, I just threw out the generic 16oz reference but you guys are both right....
  7. Agreed. Salt right in the 50-0 game. All it takes is one punch and that let hand of Connor's is dangerous. BUT, the 16oz boxing gloves will take a lot of the power away from McGregor.
  8. Some people are not going to like it, especially the boxing purists. But this fight is what combat sports fans want to see and I am glad it's happening. I doubt he could pull out the win, but I feel Connor has a better chance than most people think. Should be a spectacle no matter what. I mean one of the best pound for pound boxers in history, who is undefeated and at the verge of 50-0, versus a young MMA phenom who is the first to win two UFC division championships at the same time. That in itself makes it worth a watch!
  9. August 26th in Las Vegas... Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is official, fight set for August 26th - Bloody Elbow
  10. From all accounts Jarren Williams lit it up during this past weekends Elite 11 finals (the most prestigious prep QB camp). He's already been given a fourth star by a couple different recruiting services but he is inching closer and closer to consensus four star status. As hard as it is to say, Williams may still be slightly underrated. None the less, good to see some rave reviews coming out of Cali' and the Elite 11 finals. According to this he finished around 9th out of 24, ahead of scouts #2 ranked QB and USC commit Matt Corral, not bad.... 12 Elite 11 Finalists Invited to The Opening - Football Recruiting - Scout Here's another good write up from Cats Pause... Williams impresses at Elite 11
  11. Richards plays pretty physical. He's raw as fresh hamburger meat but I think he will come a long way working with K. Payne. He has some serious athleticism for his size and should bulk up even more in UK's strength and conditioning program. From all reports Richards is not one who cares to mix it up, and he was playing awfully physical in the post season all star games (when it is usually not the physical), so I'm not worried about physicality with him.
  12. I'm starting to think that's more and more of a possibility.
  13. I feel ya and agree for the most part. I just feel like Tiger got the most out of his body, especially when you consider he was out bombing guys that were much bigger and conceivably stronger than he was.
  14. Fair enough, and you're absolutely right. Back and knee injuries are perhaps the worst, as they are hard to come back from. If your back and knees aren't 100% it's hard to perform at any level athletically so you're absolutely right when it comes to that and there's a chance his downfall is simply due to unlucky injuries. However, a lot of times when they're smoke, there's fire. I know when the A Rod stuff came out Tiger was heavily linked to all of that.
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