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  1. Does the spoon stand up... Yikes!!!:scared:
  2. Manual is just outmatched at the moment. Highlands is having its way with the rams.
  3. I would not think it is really letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. Sort of like saying, NEWS FLASH!!! Pat Towles is going to start at QB tonight. Just enjoy watching him play and hoping I get to see him in uniform tonight. A PM would be fine if anyone knows. :thumb:
  4. Is Bruns able to play for tonights game?
  5. Make sure your glassware is extremely clean. Any residual soap in the glasses will cause the effect you describe. Same goes for your bottling. Too much sanitizer can cause the same result. Aside from that most malts should have enough proteins to get good head retention. Lower mash temps also can effect lacing and head retention. I am guessing your mash temp was probably a little on the lower end of 150F. Higher mash temps converts some of those starches to dextrins which aid
  6. The whole thing may not even matter and the bigger "fraud" could end up that neither the Cardinals or the Phillies make the playoffs.
  7. They were huge dogs against the A's that year. Were minor underdogs against the Pirates that year too. So yeah, I'm sure.
  8. Do you get "extra points" for beating the good teams??? So if we are beating the teams we are supposed (the weaker teams) to beat that means the Cardinals are losing more of the games against teams they are "supposed" to beat... I understand the argument that you are going to have to face the stronger teams in the post season, but really the Cardinals are the only team that the Reds have a reasonable shot at seeing in October that they have been overmatched by. The Braves, Dodgers, Giants, and Padres have played the Reds pretty even. Anything can happen in a seven game series. 1990 the Reds were given no shot either.
  9. I know you must have ripped into one of those bottles by now. If you have not. I am impressed with your patience.
  10. Forgot about this thread! Glad you brought it back! AMAZING!!! Hope you are getting some sleep!
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