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  1. With all respect, this is a perfect example of the impact of jacking up the minimum wage. There are many small businesses barely making it, but making it and providing jobs. Jack up any operating costs (be it wages, rent, etc) that can't be passed on to the customers because of competition pressures (bookstores are a great example) and they close. And when they close, the jobs are lost and another option for the consumer is lost. People complain about big box stores on here all the time. Jacking up minimum wages will shut down the small independent businesses and the big box stores will be all that is left. Small bookstores, hardware stores, butcher shops, etc, etc, etc.that rely on a low minimum wage in order to exist are going to disappear in SF. And then the wackos out in SF will be stuck with the big businesses that they love to vilify. Bittersweet irony. Noble idea to raise minimum wages but the doctrine of unintended consequences rears its ugly head again.
  2. Congrats David. Mercer got a great one and Mason lost a great one.
  3. If given the choice between Carter and Hillary, I'd vote for Carter. I believe Hillary is a very dangerous, treacherous, evil person.
  4. No fan of Rove but also no fan of Beck. Unfortunately, the issues facing this country are no where near as black and white as Beck and others would like them to be. They just aren't. If 60% or more of Americans felt the way Beck and others do on a lot of issues it would be much easier for the leaders of Congress to govern. But they don't. To me at least, there are about 25% of Americans on the far left; about 25% of Americans on the far right; and the remaining Americans are in the middle, leaning one way or the other (leaning one way at times and other ways at times). A leader of Congress pushing an agenda too far either to the right or the left satisfies the 25% on that side, but loses not only the 25% on the other side but a large portion of the 50% in the middle. Which doesn't work. It just doesn't. Beck and those feeling similar want Congress to move this country dramatically and quickly back to the right. Such won't work, as big, fast steps to the right "scare" a lot of folks in the middle. If this country is going to be moved to the right it will be a result of gradual, baby steps. Those advocating dramatic, quick and big movements to the right sometimes do more harm than good in my opinion. Principles are great I guess, but practicality has to come into play in order to govern and manage a country (or organization) that lacks a really strong and committed consensus on issues and direction. Perhaps the Americans in the middle are so fed up with the current President and the condition of the country that someone like Cruz could get elected. But I don't think so (at least not yet).
  5. I think your thoughts are spot on. This year's recruiting strategy seems to be different. In year's past, it seems like UK spent a lot of time early going after the "big time", highly rated players. Last year after several of those commits decommitted, Stoops and Co. had to do some last minute scrambling in order to bring in a decent class. This year it seems, at least to me, that Stoops is spending a lot of the "early" time going after the not so highly rated players (perhaps not highly rated yet) in the hopes of being able to lock them up so he and the other coaches can spend more of the "later" recruiting efforts going after the very highly rated players. I think UK fans have to acknowledge that UK football is not at the position where every one of its recruits will be either a 4 or 5 star. Which means a lot of 3 stars will be in the class. One approach is to go after just the 4 and 5 stars early and then hope like hades that you can at the last minute pick up 3 stars if you don't get the 4 or 5 stars (which sort of happened last year). Another approach (the approach seemingly being taken by Stoops this year in my opinion) is to go early after the 3 star players that you believe are under rated and capable of playing in the SEC, and then start swinging for the fences going after the 4 and 5 star athletes. Anyone have any historical data to support or refute the theory that 4 and 5 stars are more likely/much more likely to make last minute changes in their college choices than 3 stars? If the data supports that theory, it may explain why Stoops has taken the commitments from so many 3 stars at this point and feels he can pick up/flip some 4 or 5 stars later in the process. I honestly feel that recruiting is much more complex and complicated than the game of football itself.
  6. To the OP: I think a lot of Democrats have beliefs founded in compassion for their fellow man (and I do not mean the Democrats whom use issues like race to further line their pockets or to get re-elected). The Democrats I'm referring to support welfare programs, higher taxes on the rich, a higher minimum wage, etc because they want to help the less fortunate and the needy and believe that such policies will indeed help the less fortunate and the needy. Which, while I disagree with a lot of their policies, I find their compassion to be laudable.
  7. Agreed. I realize it was a student reporter, but it was kind of a stupid question.
  8. Very, very sad news. I'm really bummed.
  9. leatherneck

    Uh oh!!

    The good side to where we live is that we get to really experience all four seasons; the bad side is that we never really get used to the Winter cold or the Summer heat, and because we know Fall and Spring will be following, we wish Winter and Summer away.
  10. leatherneck

    Uh oh!!

    Guy sitting in the Dr's office this morning next to was grumbling about the weather. I told him to enjoy the winter; embrace it, because he couldn't do anything about it other than move. The look he gave me indicated he didn't agree with my philosophy! :banana:
  11. To answer the original question: whatever I blooming feel like drinking it out of. Bourbon snobs really crack me up.
  12. Centre has a program in place with several engineering schools. Attend first 3 years at Centre and then attend two years with the affiliated engineering schools. When complete your son would have 2 degrees. Since I represent several engineering firms I can say this with extreme confidence: the 3 years spent at Centre would make him a much more complete and well rounded business person and engineer. See: Centre College | Engineering - Centre College
  13. And for the record, I haven't said that Louisville did anything wrong. My prior post was my first post on the subject. I am certainly not a UL basher; not even close. I just don't accept the defense of: if kids can change their commitment, so can the coaches. I hold adults to a higher standard than teenage kids.
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