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  1. #5, 7 and 8 all beat Cru by 10+ going away.
  2. The Obama Administration’s extreme caution about engagement in Syria led it to insist on such a thorough process of vetting potential Syrian allies that years of effort and tens of millions of dollars resulted in only a paltry handful of people being found acceptable to receive American weapons and training. The refugee vetting process won’t be nearly this thorough;
  3. Right or wrong, his championing privacy is a charade to mask the bigger crimes he has committed. Do not let him fool you. Why do you think he is holed up in Russia guarded by their military??
  4. Traitor. The narrative keeps changing to make Snowden look good. First he was championing our privacy rights. Now you are asking a different question. He is a traitor who stole secrets, is being harbored by the Russians. Don't you think deals were in place already? Everything else is a "Snowjob" to obscure the truth.
  5. The girl leading the million student march and the kid leading the Mizzou hunger strike are both from families of millionaires. Rumors are that Soros, the liberals predecessor to the republicans Koch brothers, has funded BLM. Anyone think this is not an orchestrated movement by the left?
  6. Unbelievable: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2015/11/the-spreading-virus-amherst-update.php
  7. Kyra D. Hardy ‏@_kyrahardy Interesting how the news reports are covering the Paris terrorist attacks but said nothing about the terrorist attack at #Mizzou Enough said.
  8. You know, this board is a microcosm of what you are seeing out there. Read the disgruntled parent threads, not happy with coaching Jimmy is getting, speaking in front of the kids about these things, never holding Jimmy accountable. Maybe Jimmy is not that good. Nope. Mom and dad can't accept that. Time to go blame someone. This behavior shows their kids they think this is acceptable behavior. You reap what you sew.
  9. French need to go into no-go zones and clean house, reclaim their country.
  10. Why not? They already allow kids to play up, from junior high, at the local public and Catholic schools. What's the difference?
  11. Look, I love Cal and Ky and everyone marvels how he gets these superstars to come and play together, sacrificing playing time and points. They, most of them, were already viewed as one and dones when they came. So, it was not a stretch to say they were going pro regardless of where they went to college. Cal does a better job of selling them on him and KY. Tells them to go pro. This separates him from the Roy Williams of the world who try and squeeze another year out of a kid.
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