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  1. Campbell lost a lot. I would say it's Mason, GRC and Scott in the mix to win the region.
  2. Congrats! I believe that's 4 very nice players from NKY now.
  3. Along with Taylor Jolly and Kylie Kramer from Campbell.
  4. CC losing two seniors going on to play at the college level is tough on the team. They do have two very good players in Schwarber and Clos and Keeton will be a name to watch next season.
  5. Great season Lady Camels! There is nothing to hang your heads about. Way too never give up. It's been a joy to watch you this season.
  6. Ugly shooting percentages, but the Camels did everything else very well. Congrats girls!
  7. CC is very well conditioned and will run... A lot. It will be interesting to see if Trimble can keep up. On the other hand, TC definitely has the size advantage.
  8. LIKE. these girls are very deserving and have worked very hard to get to this point
  9. In a win over GRC tonight to advance to the 10th Region Finals.
  10. That's about what I figured. I'm proud of them for persevering through lackluster free throw shooting.
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