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  1. Man there are serious clock errors that weren’t corrected.
  2. My thoughts and perceptions looking back from 2020... -Lyndale White > Reggie Bush -Vince Young throws like uncle Rico -I thought jerseys looked cooler back then than they appear now -I have not seen any DBs signal incomplete pass. It’s refreshing. - the announcing blows -the swag being worn by the coaches looks like they had to rifle through boxes to see what fit -official reviews are quicker. How is that possible? -I’m shocked to see players without the high hook ups on their helmets for their chin strap. What is this the 80s? -I’m convinced there are dudes wearing shoulder pads that are too big for them
  3. Checks BBQ and Blues Really good BBQ and their jumbo breaded wings are awesome.
  4. Okay no, no. Everyone listen to @Mustang. I’m sure his wisdom far surpasses the EXPERTS who are IN AGREEMENT about the course of action needed. Everyone, do your patriotic duty and start listening to Mustang.
  5. Over reaction=lives saved Under reaction=people die How many people are you cool with dying? @Mustang Or is what happened in Italy, and what’s currently happening in places like NYC a hoax?
  6. Idk man. Late February I was super congested and had a sore throat. I was hacking up lots of mucus. I never got a fever or super fatigued or anything. I figured I just caught whatever my son had caught from daycare. Looking back on it, who’s to say? I sure hope I didn’t have it.
  7. I know you’re “out” but you’ll have a hard time convincing me that you sitting at a bar drinking a beer qualifies as a good reason to be “out and about.” And man, it’s not about you protecting “you from yourself.” You’re not impacting just yourself.
  8. The thing is, we might look back in 6 months and say we all over-reacted. That’s the hope. What if we look back in 6 months and see that the behaviors you’re exhibiting furthered the spread, causing more people to get sick, potentially causing people to die. How many people are you okay with dying? What if everyone in the US had the same attitude as you? Surely that would cause Covid 19 to spread rapidly, inevitably leading to people dying. Everyone sensible is in agreement that social distancing is prudent. You aren’t more wise than those telling us that it’s a good idea. Plus you’re old with pre-existing conditions. You’re more at risk than most.
  9. This is outrageous. I would have never imagined this.
  10. Remember when Louisville decided to take a week off in February and lost the ACC?
  11. Bump. I can’t believe Highlands is so mediocre. Why can’t the FTM mobilize and get something done? Are the fans that ineffective?
  12. I don’t have an issue with seniors playing JV, as long as they are actually a Jv caliber player. There are some teams with kids who would go the entire year without the player seeing the field.
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