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  1. more fundamentally sound than MND? They are good, but not that good.
  2. Looks like Henry Clay and Dunbar are both participating. You can add those names to the list of teams capable of winning.
  3. NDA shreds them into pieces. Serve/pass will kill cooper. They don't have the ball control to handle a team of that caliber.
  4. I think it should be 1. SHA 2. Assumption 3. Henry Clay 4. Notre Dame 5. Mercy Plus, Dunbar is not a top-10 team this year. They lost way too much talent and the depth isn't there despite the size of the school.
  5. I still don't understand the reasoning behind sending your child to HP. I can sort of understand Metzger, because her club doesn't play at the open level and she wants to get her name out. I get that. I get the Audubon players because they're also trying to get their names out. Nkyvc players I don't get. If your team plays at the open level, you shouldn't need HP. Maybe you just want to experience it once and your parents don't care about money, but at 13 years old, I personally see no reason to.
  6. It's not possible that someone could serve three times in the same rotation. It just wouldn't happen. A referee of any level would notice it immediately and fix the issue.
  7. From what I've heard, she didn't serve for three people, she isn't even one of the best servers on the team and this thread needs to be put along with people who believe in the birther movement and those that think 9/11 was an inside job. What you're claiming is just flat ignorant. Matt Long is a respectable man with great morals and if you think he would knowingly have her do that, you must not know him. Conjuring up lies because your daughter plays for a rival club (not you, feeling good. I don't know you) is flat out ridiculous.
  8. No one will come close to beating Scott.
  9. I think NDA is a great program, but Assumption is just always a step ahead. With KIVA and the development of their players, which usually go on to play at Assumption, I would have to say I don't see NDA winning state anytime soon. Every girl that plays volleyball in Louisville at the elite level will go to private school. In NKY, that just isn't always the case. If you took all the best players from NKY and put them on one team vs. assumption or sacred heart, maybe they would win. Maybe.
  10. While NDA only returns three true starters from last year, Sarah Draud (OH), Natalie Hardig (MB), and Jackie Noll (L/DS), there are many good replacements. Obviously none at the caliber of Hentz, but still many good options. Lainey Stephenson and Belle Morgan are possibly replacements in the setting position. Shannon Gormally or Ashley Rees would fill the middle. Caroline Hardig and Delaney Kuhlman as DSs. Julia Sears will get her starting role as OH or Lainey Stephenson could fill that position as well. I see a less experienced lineup, but a very capable lineup. Still the team to beat in NKY. As far as the other schools go, Cooper is probably the next best team in the region with a senior-heavy team. Kaity Smith, Rebecca Ruppel, and Hailey Gillispie are all high-impact players for Cooper. Along with the height of Morgan Kelly, they should be a tough team to beat. That being said, they will still suffer from the same setting issues that plagued them last year. Ryle and St. Henry are toss-ups. Ryle returns most of their starting lineup from last year. Hayley Bush, Nicole Legg and Allie Stinson all return, but defense could be lacking. St. Henry loses most of their starting lineup besides Maria Tobertge and Madison Read. I'm interested to see how they will reload. NCC returns Rachel McDonald and Mikah Freppon. Boone County loses Ali Borders, a huge asset for them. Conner loses most of their lineup besides Atwood and Helinski. Beechwood should be an interesting team to play. Not a tall team, but very balanced. They lose Liz Pawsat but return everyone else. Overall, the ninth seems to be just as strong as last year. While NDA may not be at the level of Assumption and Sacred Heart, they will still be the top team in the ninth.
  11. Not that Ron wouldn't want the SHA coach at KIVA, but that the KIVA coaches would have a level of respect for him and not apply to coach there. Being an assistant is different than being the head coach. That's just my personal opinion, obviously.
  12. I don't know who they could have gotten that would be better than Brett. Clearly no KIVA coach is going to apply so that narrows it down quite a bit. Congrats to Brett on the new gig. Hope it works out for him.
  13. His brother, Todd, the former Mercy HC, is an assistant at Purdue.
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