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  1. I doubt NDA prioritizes any sport above another. It's about what sports the parents and students choose to put above basketball. NDA's tradition in Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, and Volleyball is unmatched. And softball has been turned around too. NDA has the athletes, they just choose other sports.
  2. Nice bounce-back win for the Pandas after two tough losses. Some may consider this an upset win for NDA, but the last 6 meetings between NDA and NCC are split 3-3.
  3. 3%? More like 75%! Willing to bet a McRib that 75% of the people on here are 45+, and 90% are technically obese.
  4. NCC Senior Mikah Freppon verbal commits to D2 Lewis University in the GLVC
  5. Has anyone considered maybe this is the future for Highlands football? Other programs have stepped up their game. Population shifts are pumping more talent into other districts. Fort Thomas is aging out. Maybe playing football at Highlands isn't as big of a priority as it used to be. There are other options.
  6. apparently the vultures have been waiting several years to show up after an NDA loss
  7. There is no fix. Everyone thinks classes are a fix. All that means then is that the smaller private schools in populated areas will win the small school division, and everything else will remain the same. I suppose KHSAA could do what OHSAA does and limit the number of players from the same club team that can be on a high school team, but honestly that hasn't really changed who wins in Ohio - plus they have like 4 classes I think. The KHSAA probably feels they can't fix the demographics, so they figure they will at least cover geography. And who made basketball special? classes for all sports or none. But I would find a way to get the Region winner and runner-up to State across the board. Too many good teams in deep Regions being left behind in both soccer and volleyball, while the winner of Region 1 or 15 goes out and loses 10-0.
  8. and a fluke that's only happened in soccer. Volleyball is even more limited - only the same 4 schools have won the title the last 35 years. think about that...35 years, and the title has bounced back and forth between only 4 schools...all while volleyball has grown to become the #1 girls sport in Kentucky. The gap is incredible.
  9. every quarterfinal game was a 3-0 sweep...is the separation between the top team and others really that large?
  10. 1-1 at half. Big 2nd half propels Pandas to huge road win at Lex Cath. Play Corbin this Saturday in State Quarterfinal, site TBD. Like I stated earlier, that Dixie loss came at a perfect time and it refocused NDA. On an impressive 7 game win streak since that loss - 3 GA, 37 GF.
  11. True, but this is not a news site. People who give game reports think they're journalists, but they're not - journalists are inherently unbiased and reports on here are usually clouded by bias, one way or the other. And then people will state they are specifically tougher on their own teams in their reports than someone who is unbiased, which again proves my point - they are not delivering an accurate report, but a biased one. I believe the scores posted. Anything else needs to be considered opinion.
  12. Volleyball is the most popular girls sport in KY, according to the KHSAA
  13. In this case, nothing changed. But I think bringing in great coaches and promoting a positive culture can make a big difference at any school. Wouldn't that start with the AD? yes, swimming - I just looked that up. amazing record.
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