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  1. When a friends daughter was being recruited a coach told her "the biggest difference between D1 and D2 is that at the D2 level coaches look to replace their seniors and at D1 they just look for the best." I've never heard a truer statement. I think Carson and Mason both came from programs that revolved around them and it's hard to adjust to that change when you go to a D1 school. As funny as it sounds a lot of kids don't understand that when you make it to college EVERY player was the best player on their high school team. Add to that parents who can't understand why their kid isn't the superstar anymore, the pressure builds up. There are a ton of transfers every year and my guess would be that only in a small fraction of those is there actually room to blame someone... Most of the time it just doesn't work out, and when you're a kid who has worked their whole life in a sport and that all culminates to a 4-year college career it's easy to understand why they think leaving is necessary. Best of luck to both boys in the future and best of luck to NKU!
  2. Today, there was a school wide announcement made addressing the shooting in Florida and our principal reviewed some safety procedures to prevent an instance like this as well as what to do if an incident occurs. One of my students then asked me if teachers were put through any additional training to handle these situations that students didn't know about. I thought the way he phrased the question was odd so asked what he meant and he brought up a point I hadn't thought of. Most school shooters are current or past students of that particular school. They know the procedures, the safety areas of classrooms, the layout of the school, etc... In theory, if the shooter takes enough time to plan, they can use this info to cause more harm. Obviously you want to give students any info available to help them remain safe but I am curious if there could almost be some type of plan that only staff are aware of as a type of 'invisible shield'... I'm not sure what that would be or if it would even be possible but if there was some way to change the plan of the shooter it may rattle them enough to save extra lives. Curious to your thoughts...
  3. People who are obviously guilty plead not guilty for a few reasons. 1. Hoping by some chance the jury finds them not guilty 2. They hope to be granted bail and want to be out on bond as long as possible before inevitable jail time. 3. (and most often in my opinion) They hope to make a deal with the prosecutor before trial... If they plead guilty the sentence is already laid out for them whereas if they plead not guilty they make a deal and receive less time.
  4. Saw this on the boys side and thought the girls should share as well! Who were the players from your school who went D1, what college did they go to, and if you know what they're up to now that would be awesome as well!
  5. Like I said, I think Jake has a ton of potential. But millions of kids in the country have a ton of potential and my guess is that if you're looking at Player A and Player B, who are virtually the same, but Player A lives across the river and Player B lives in Miami, FL, it's not hard to guess who gets the offer. Just trying to demonstrate that there are other factors for the multiple people who said they don't understand what Xavier sees in Jake... I see it and agree with it. You're right, colleges aren't throwing away scholarships to get a local kid. Here is an idea though, if a college has a long standing tradition of not supporting local basketball, not even considering kids that come from their state or surrounding area, then out of nowhere comes an All-American that lives right down the road, it's doubtful he even considers that school. Roles reversed, little Johnny watches his local high school hero go and play for the college down the street then 10 years late little Johnny is that All-American, what a steal for that local college who Johnny has loved his whole life. Like I said, just trying to show how there are multiple factors, Athletics and Academics are the obvious ones... I just believe location is one as well.
  6. Just throwing out another idea, slightly reaching, but... I did do some digging though, and wonder how much the fact that Jake is a local kid plays in to him going to Xavier. Looking at rosters, NKU currently has 14 guys total. 8 of those are from KY and 3 are from less than 2 hours away. X has 13 total and I didn't mapquest them all but it looks like maybe 5 are local. I think it's very attractive to colleges to recruit locally and build their fan base in that way. Especially when you have so many D1 colleges in a central location. Looking at future potential and getting a local kid, I can definitely see why he was offered! Don't get me wrong, I think Jake has a ton of potential and wish him nothing but the best... just throwing it out there that there are more factors than just who is the best player when it comes to college recruiting. Did Jake receive offers from other local schools?
  7. Keep in mind I said "multiple DESERVING players" and never mentioned scoring the most points. I'm a defense/assists kinda gal first and foremost. I simply think it's easier to tell who the star is on a team if there is only one. On teams like GRC and Campbell where multiple girls can have awesome games there is more of a chance for fluctuation in the voting. ANY time you have a voting system where there isn't a set standard of how you rank players then yes, on occasion, the best player may not win POY. That's why it's a great thing that even though it's an honor to win, it doesn't make/break you as a player. I think ALL the girls mentioned have a legit shot at winning POY but more importantly they all, are already or have the potential to, get their college paid for and have excellent collegiate careers! Have I mentioned how much I love high school basketball season?!?!?
  8. Thank you! I didn't go to their schedule; I assumed they would play a typical high school schedule with more "home" games... agree though that with just three games it isn't a big deal. Have to admit, if I was a DeSales player I wouldn't enjoy seeing a seven footer in the hallway and not having him as a teammate!
  9. True, but when it's a voting system having multiple deserving players on the same team tends to split votes. Different players have standout games and get the nod for #1. When you have one "star" on a team they get the nod. I think Clephane comes out with this one.
  10. Totally not disagreeing with what you and many others are stating. The odds of major D1 coaches recruiting in a high school gym are low. Although... I do love when coaches come to support kids that have committed or try to show they care just a bit more than anyone else when they're trying to land a kid!! In general AAU is a MUCH better indicator of how a kid will preform at the next level. For recruiting purposes I agree high school isn't relevant, but for many other reasons HS basketball is vital. Aside from academics, social skills, community pride... Practice time is much lower in AAU compared to high school meaning building on fundamentals and perfecting skills do not get that same time commitment. High school also gives you the ability to watch more game film and practice/correct mistakes on a game to game basis. It is hard to do this when you're playing 6-8 games in a weekend, maybe have 2 practices throughout the week and then another 6-8 games the following weekend. Even for elite level kids, high school is the time to hone their craft and AAU gives them the platform to show it off. I'm very interested to see how LaMelo Ball turns out with his dad now home schooling him. Obviously he is already a high level player and I doubt many would be able to be successful taking the same route but, interested nonetheless.
  11. So these kids are taking classes at DeSales? Obviously DHS isn't a powerhouse that would attract these kids on their own but what is the High School getting by allowing this prep school to use their school/gym? Is Aspire renting out the gym or paying any kind of tuition? I'm not close to the situation but I can only imagine that having an elite level team may prompt most students/fans to attend the Aspire games instead of DeSales' games. Just trying to understand what DeSales gains from the situation! Good Luck to both programs!
  12. I believe I saw someone post that 61 of 64 Districts are seeded. Is this only for basketball or all sports; and who are the other two (aside from the one we're currently talking about)? I'm a firm believer that seeding is obviously better for the sport as a whole, and even if you are the second best team in the region you should still get the chance to play in the regional tournament (it's exciting for the kids and great for building a program tradition). Cinderella story is a saying for a reason! However, each school is responsible for doing what is best for their school so I don't blame Augusta and St. Pat for their stance. I agree with Bracken "taking their ball and going home". Why play a pointless game? I know many districts are voting to only play their other district schools once a year compared to the normal two. The first match-up goes toward district seeding so what it the point in playing a second game. Smart coaches aren't going to show any actual game plan, and hold their good stuff for the tournament, so the game is basically pointless. Instead, take those extra 3/4 games that would be spent on playing each district team twice and add more teams to your schedule that will better prepare you for the district/regional tournament.
  13. Is it usual to put a transfer (from another region) in the preseason rankings? Not saying she isn't deserving, just curious if this has happened before/often?
  14. I work with difficult kids at the high school level. They are almost all larger than I am and although I tend to have a good relationship with them, seeing them become angry is quite scary. What a lot of people don't realize is I (and other teachers in my position) signed up for this job. It is NEVER my goal to see one of my students in handcuffs; I do what I do to prevent that from becoming their life narrative. So... if there ever comes a time when I have to call an officer to take the child out it is because that is absolutely the last option I have. The safety of children is the number one priority each and every day. I have no problem with a child being restrained by cuffs or anything else the officer sees necessary because once it gets to that point they are the ones equipped to deescalate the situation and we need to allow them, trained officers, to do that to the best of their ability.
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