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  1. Hey, it’s are favorite guy, HasBeenCoach. Haven’t heard from you in awhile buddy since Dixie or Conner didn’t win. You been missing like Coach Murphy was at the end of the game. It’s odd for you try to stir something up again instead of talking about the game itself. Good Riddance!
  2. If it’s the play I’m thinking of, U of L ran that play a few years ago. She got it from her brother
  3. Hasbeencoach, you have me cracking up. All season long “I can’t wait to see what NDA does against Conner.” Conner loses to NDA by 16 points. “I can’t wait to see what NDA does against Dixie.” Dixie loses to NDA. Keep wishing, but HC isn’t beating NDA!
  4. Abby Holtman isn’t Ryle’s leading scorer. Crittenden and Scheer is ahead of her. Highlands isn’t the “clear” #2. It doesn’t matter how close they played Ryle. Highlands still took the lost. Remember Conner beat Ryle this year. Ryle is a much better team now vs. the earlier in the season. Ryle are the defending state champs and any team in the 9th will have to go through them!
  5. Preseason Top 10 Teams 1. Ryle 2. Dixie Heights 3. Notre Dame Academy 4. Highlands 5. Conner 6. NCC 7. Holy Cross 8. Boone County 9. Ludlow 10. St. Henry Top 10 Players (Name - School - Year) 1. Maddie Scherr - Ryle - Sr. 2. Brie Crittendon - Ryle - Jr. 3. Celia Pelfrey - Dixie Heights - Sr. 4. Jayla LaBordeaux - Lloyd - Sr. 5. Maddie Drummonds - Conner - Sr. 6. Jade Simpson - Holy Cross - Sr. 7. Whitney Lind - Cooper - Fr. 8. Sydney Lockard - Dixie Heights - Jr. 9. Lacey Bradshaw - Notre Dame - So. 10. Piper Macke - Highlands - Sr. What do y’all think? The 9th is going to be very competitive this year.
  6. Whitney Lind - Cooper Triniti Ralston - Sacred Heart Jaykala Thompson - Manual
  7. There are 17 finalists this year. I think there will be co-winners this year, Wheeler and Schwartz.
  8. Kentucky’s Miss Basketball award is presented by the Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches and Kentucky Lions Eye Foundation. Only the 17 finalists will appear on the ballot. Unless there some type of write-in process, Harrison or any other player not listed on the ballot can’t win Miss Basketball.
  9. Yep, it would be weak if NDA was pulling down freshman girls that get significant Varsity minuets just to play in the freshman tournament, but that is not the case. NDA has over 15 freshman girls that play either freshman, JV or Varsity. Only one plays/dresses all 3 and had done that all season long. She deserves to play in the freshman tournament despite earning some varsity minuets throughout the season. It sounds like it should be a good game!
  10. It will be a statement game if Conner beats Ryle, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. My prediction: School will be cancelled due to the weather and the game postponed. Ryle wins when they play again.
  11. Good luck to all of this year’s teams! Here are my tournament picks Round 1 Covington Holy Cross defeats Middlesboro Louisville Holy Cross defeats Metcalfe Co. Danville defeats Murray Owensboro Catholic defeats Brown Bethlehem defeats Bishop Brossart Walton-Verona defeats University Heights Wolfe Co defeats Berea West Carter defeats Paintsville Round 2 Covington HC defeats Louisville HC Owensboro Catholic defeats Danville Walton-Verona defeats Bethlehem West Carter defeats Wolfe Co. Final Four Owensboro Catholic defeats Covington HC West Carter defeats Walton-Verona Championship Owensboro Catholic defeats West Carter
  12. Here’s a quick conversation piece for you. Conner shouldn’t be ranked number 1 in state and Highlands shouldn’t be ranked number 2.
  13. Please keep in mind that only seniors are eligible for the award. KY has 5 McDonald’s All American nominees this year. I think they have to be considered. They are: Ashlee Harris - SHA Mikayla Kinnard - Eastern Maaliya Owens - Scott County Kiara Pearl - Eastern Savannah Wheeler - Boyd County I also like how Lauren Schwartz - Ryle and Ivy Turner - Danville are playing.
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