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9th Region Freshman Finals Tonight

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Hopefully Ryle pulls this out but Ive been told that NDA is playing freshmen that play Varsity. Seems kinda weak just to win a tournament.


Yep, it would be weak if NDA was pulling down freshman girls that get significant Varsity minuets just to play in the freshman tournament, but that is not the case. NDA has over 15 freshman girls that play either freshman, JV or Varsity. Only one plays/dresses all 3 and had done that all season long. She deserves to play in the freshman tournament despite earning some varsity minuets throughout the season.


It sounds like it should be a good game!

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It was a very exciting game, NDA 26 Ryle 24, Ryle had a huge blunder not boxing out the free throw shooter late in the game, NDA shooter was only girl on that side of the court, 4 Ryle games watched as she missed and got her own rebound and was then fouled on attempted lay up.

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