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  1. What is in the pipeline from the 7th and 8th grade levels? I understand the 7th grade won their league but I have heard nothing about the 8th grade. How did they do and what are some names to be watching for?
  2. I'm pretty sure this isn't what you are looking for as it only has one Northern KY team in this league but may be of some interest if you're board. http://www.gcyl.org/schedules
  3. Those are two nice wins. Congratulations! How long have they been able to practice? My son plays for the CYF (Colonel Youth Football) Program. We just started practicing last week with hopes of getting games started soon.
  4. What middle school football teams are allowed to play and where/what leagues will they be playing in?
  5. I'm glad to hear the decision was made to let them play, but I have a sneaky suspicion that this is not over.
  6. By my count there are approximately 20 sophomores on the team this year. If you are looking at the roster on the KHSAA website or app, that is inaccurate.
  7. Ryle vs Notre Dame 7:00 at Notre Dame I'm not sure of the exact records of both teams, but I understand Ryle has one loss and Notre Dame is undefeated. This should be a good game!
  8. Notre Dame at 7-1 starting four freshman is a little surprising. Matches there total number of wins from last year.
  9. If Notre Dame would have made half of the layups they missed, this game could have gone the other way. Grant Co. has a very nice team. They are fast, physical and good shooters. They will do very well this year!
  10. Kes and Crew put on a nice event! The girls appeared to be excited and ready to play. For as young as the varsity team is they seemed impressively fast an aggressive! I also found it interesting that the freshman team played a great game against the JV. Things are looking up for all three levels of Notre Dame basketball. Looking forward to see how they match up against the traditional regional powers!
  11. When do schools have to have their schedules finalized? Sorry guys I very new to this.
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