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  1. How devastating to his family, friends and teammates. Thoughts and prayers out to HHS.
  2. This is just our experience with the schools there. The course offerings when we left Erlanger/Elsmere in no way, shape or form matched the high school we chose. You could ONLY take two years of foreign language and ONLY Spanish. My son could choose four years of five different languages. The Honors courses were minimal, and AP/IB offerings almost non-existent. My boys will enter college as sophomores - serious $$$ savings. Tichenor had us on the verge of home-schooling, no discipline at all and I've never seen more teacher apathy and flat out burn out. The solution? Uniforms?? Really?? The teen pregnancy rate was frightening, most of whom I know personally were expecting in or before their Junior year. I see they built a daycare onto Lloyd, is that for teachers and staff? Every site I look at has Lloyd rated below all three Kenton Co. schools in average standard scores and overall rank. Dixie was 46, Simon Kenton 55 and Scott 108 (up 96 spots from the year prior). Lloyd was ranked 121 (down 20 spots from the year before). Those numbers are from schooldigger.com but I checked four sites. I have no ill-will for Lloyd. Love a lot of the families and students there. Wish them a successful season. I'm just saying a lot of talent left the area for greener pastures, but you know what they say about the grass on the other side.
  3. Good for Lloyd! I honestly thought their best chance was with Molitor at the helm, but I've lost track of the younger kids who are up-and-comers.
  4. We will add subject/verb agreement and short-term memory loss to your list of "issues". The Keller twins IS the ones you PM'd me about. I think I can post it if you seriously don't remember. Are you saying Lunsford and Durham would be playing over Pleasant and Powell? Ridiculous. And there isn't a kid on that roster who would be playing ILB/MLB over the Kellers if they WAS going to LMHS. I know nearly every JR and SR at Lloyd and I've seen their defense at two 7 on 7's this year. Not even close.
  5. Really?? Better than Dillon Powell? Deondre Pleasant? The Keller twins? Laughable. As are most of your posts.
  6. Working for an airline, saw lots of celebs and wanna-be-celebs. None nicer than Tubby Smith. None more rude than Raven Simone. My favorite encounter (Packer fan that I am) was Andre Rison, late 2005 or early 2006. He was shocked that a middle-aged white woman at CVG would know who he was on sight. Every single one of his knuckles was HUGE. I asked if there was a finger Brett didn't break and he grinned and said, "He throws the heat, Baby!" I dang near melted!! LOL Of course, in that same job, I ran into a ridiculous amount of former friends and classmates and it is the weirdest thing - looking at that older face and trying to place it, completely out of the context in which you know it.
  7. Do you have a specific middle schooler in mind? Or just commenting on the cyclical nature of the game? The problem with Lloyd is the talent leaves before or very early in high school. Tichenor is a nightmare, and the academics at Lloyd are not exactly comparable to the Kenton Co. high schools. This year's roster at Lloyd would have been seriously stacked if families felt good about staying in that school system.
  8. It's like a dark horse, I think. So he actually MIGHT be complimenting Cooper. No? Worth a try......
  9. Are those both Crosstown Show Down games? Are you MADE OF MONEY??? LOL
  10. Do we "reserve" our spot? Are you even looking to limit it to one person per team?
  11. Well, I'm only talking with the parents and they always say "we"....I'm assuming the kid is part of the decision-making process, but then again, given the way some helicopter parents are these days........ I am attempting to influence my boys - but only to the scenario that is likely to leave them with as little debt at the end of their college days as is possible. I just think graduating college owing $50 - $100K or more is crippling and can lead to hasty choices. Few hasty choices are the best choices, in my experience. But I'm not psychic, so who am I to say that School A debt - earning potential isn't actually going to be better than School B (less debt) - earning potential (less) in the long run with internships, connections, graduate admissions, etc. Parenting is, like, HARD!!
  12. Who said they were no good?? D1 is obviously not the only option. My sons (although not RB's) will have 3 or 4 options on how to pay for school, only one of which involves football and that is at a D3 school. I couldn't be more proud. Most of this thread isn't even about D1 ball so I don't get the "page 19" reference. We've had a lively discussion of offensive lines, combines and stats up until the last page or so.
  13. I have heard that - and actually from more than one set of parents of the boys on this year's list. There are two I know of holding out for a "better offer" than for their son to play D or start on special teams. I have heard it from people in years past as well. Or a kid will get a solid D2 offer, and he and his whole family are insulted by it, thinking they deserve better than that.
  14. THIS. I can't believe when I hear from a parent that XYZ U. only wanted Jr. to play defense...we had to turn them down. Are ya' nuttier than a fruitcake?? Very few of the athletes listed so far have D1 RB size - and size does matter. Get your kid on a roster, get 'em some help with tuition costs, and let 'em play!! NONE of these kids is going to the NFL at RB or any other position so take off the love goggles and take the best offer they get even if it doesn't match YOUR dreams/expectations!!
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