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Belfry at Bell County Predictions/Updates

Pirates vs. Bobcats  

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Kentucky's top two winningest coaches match wits atop Log Mountain

Records: Belfry (6-6), Bell County (10-2)

BGP Ranking: Belfry (#7 in 3A), Bell County (#6 in 3A)

Series History: Bell County leads 5-4 all-time

Table Setter: Imagine two grizzled, battle hardened generals staring across the battlefield at one another, surveying the landscape and formulating their course of attack. They've both been there, done that. Their eyes sharpened like hawks in search of prey.

Dramatic, I know. But Phillip Haywood and Dudley Hilton are worthy of the hype. They've combined to win 872 games in 88 years. We may never see anything like this again, or we could see it next year. You never know with these two. Haywood holds an 8-6 edge over Hilton head to head, including the 2018 3A title game and last year's 42-0 Belfry rout in this round.

This year's editions of the Pirates and Bobcats are hitting their stride at the right time. Bell County has been more consistent, but hasn't run the gauntlet Belfry has. The Pirates struggled early, but in typical Haywood fashion, they're getting their act together as the temperature drops. If you're reading this, chances are Isaac Dixon needs no introduction, but the Bobcats' Dawson Woolum is an up-and-comer capable of stealing the show.

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Easy half of the bracket thus far has really played to their strengths. If there’s a next week it will be tougher, but Belfry looks like a really good club right now.

END OF 1ST 0-0 Belfry's first drive fell apart. Bell had a nice drive into Belfry territory stall out after a holding penalty. Belfry currently driving into Bell territory.

Kentucky's top two winningest coaches match wits atop Log Mountain Records: Belfry (6-6), Bell County (10-2) BGP Ranking: Belfry (#7 in 3A), Bell County (#6 in 3A) Series History: Bell

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On 11/14/2021 at 3:28 PM, InsideTrap said:

Belfry with the upset!

If you just look at the records it might be a upset but I don’t think anyone in the state would consider it an upset if Belfry wins.

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Going with the Bobcats in this one.  So much respect for Coach Haywood and the Belfry Pirates but can't pick against Coach Hilton and the Cats.  

Hard to believe that before the 2019 Title game in Lexington, this game hadn't been played since 1998. 

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I have no clue.


Pulaski County is the common opponent but it is hard to read much into Belfry's Week 1 performance vs. Bell's Week 9 performance for a multitude of reasons.

Belfry played teams who went 85-53 and Bell County played teams who went 62-73.

All of Belfry's losses are teams considerably better than Bell's best win according to Calpreps.

With that said, Belfry is a far cry from the team who beat Bell in the playoffs (Bell laid an egg last year at that), and Bell appears to be a good bit better than last year when they were a battered team who just lost their star RB the week before.

I think Bell has the more complete team this year by a small yet noticeable gap, but Belfry appears to have the best single playmaker by a good clip.

Ultimately it comes down to which defense rises to the occasion and which team keeps themselves out of 3rd and Long.

I am leaning toward Bell County by a score but all it takes is Dixon getting the ball in space to change all that.


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