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  1. They couldn't handle the mid 90's bunch from there though!!! lol
  2. May be back Wednesday. They were up 7 in the 3rd qtr at N. Laurel when he left the game .
  3. Confused on this 2A deal. Why is Lex Cath, a 4A football school, in this tourney?
  4. MC held Great Crossing to 13 pts in 2nd half to close it out.
  5. Great Crossing probably should be a bit lower. No really good wins and lost to Dunbar.
  6. And thankfully for teams in 11th, they are in another region. Their transfer from Frankfort is a ball player.
  7. Both MC and Dunbar have played monster schedules compared to some of the other teams in the 11th , so it’s hard to judge. I guess I’m just going on MC being the defending champs and bringing back 3 of their top 4. And the fact that they led Ballard for pretty much 3 qtrs. Their losses are to GRC by 4, Ballard by 7 and Pulaski in OT ( all 3 of these teams are unbeaten vs KY teams). And they have a loss in consolation game of tourney vs Woodford, whose only real loss is GRC. Eventually, it’ll work itself out.
  8. 11th not as good this year as it usually is. MC has the best player in the region and they are well coached and can shoot. If any coach can get it done with 5 players, he can. Their schedule definitely prepares them.
  9. They are the best team in the 11th even just playing 5. ACL and ineligible player shortened the bench. Have one sophomore off bench that gets some minutes in some games.
  10. Madison Central 84 Bardstown 64. This game wasn’t nearly that close . MC led by 34 or 35 when they emptied bench.
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