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  1. Quick question for the ones that have knowledge.... Does a student- athlete(s) usually/ normally gets an offer if they have a good showing at one of the universities showcase camps? Regardless of what class (ie. 2022, 2023, 2024 and so on)?
  2. Ok thx fair answer, but how about public school to another public school in general? Student- athlete(s) who started in their previous school (just an example Lafayette to Henry Clay etc etc)?
  3. Let me ask you all, cause I don't know and have been out of the loop for a long time now lol... Both LCA and Tates Creek student- athletes played varsity at their previous program. How does the transfer rule makes them eligible ASAP if they played varsity? Thanks
  4. Academics and above average football program (No doubt Amasa Leland Stanford or Northwestern) Football, well pick one from the 8 rest.
  5. I vote on Crossover district aka "sister district".
  6. With a STACKED team like he has returning and retires just like that... Of course it will throw 'red flag'. Roster coming back is probably more talented OVERALL (top to bottom) than the one he had in the state championship. I know we can argue that, but IMO only.
  7. NCAA already stated that they WILL NOT recognize or use any grades and/ or scores from "super seniors". Only taking GPA, ACT, SAT scores from original previous 4 years. Can someone enlighten me on my statement? Thx
  8. First off, it's silly to repeat for the purpose of athletics and yes majority will use it for that purpose only. 2nd- Who and what parents in their right mind wants their child to repeat in the private school sector and pay tuition AGAIN? Yes I get it, some are on financial aid and does not pay full tuition. 3rd- Move on, go to college, go to trade school, go to work #AlBundy LOL
  9. So in other words, (according to the article and their statement)... these student- athletes are doing this for the sole purpose of getting an athletic scholarship. SMH 🤦‍♂️
  10. Yes, that's what I meant lol, thx for clarifying.
  11. I believe Scott Co and Lex Cath agreed to play each other on October 29th in Lexington.
  12. Bluegrass Bowl, I believe you are correct. 2nd game will be Lex Catholic vs. Fern Creek (if I'm not mistaken)
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