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  1. Here comes Trinity ☘️ might not win 6A, but will make some noise.
  2. Yeah, up with PRP charging $10 a game? Thought it is pretty much uniformed throughout $6 for adults and $4 kids/ students, unless it is some sort of tournament.
  3. "Super underrated" 😏 like they're suppose to be better than Corbin, Boyle Co, JC and Lex Cath? Cause those are the only teams ahead of them. You can argue that their ahead of Lex Cath, but to be super underrated?
  4. "Trap game" a week before mountain rival Belfry? Just saying, but I will still go with the Eagles 28-7
  5. I feel like Ryle's running game will be the difference here 35-21
  6. What's will the next classification look like in this class?
  7. So I wonder which district douglass ends up on when they move a class up in a few season? They will still require to play the 5 other city teams I assume, but now they're going to have to play other non district besides grant, moco 😏 as far as saving petroleum and racking up mileages.
  8. Such a weird realignment, city of Lexington all the way to Oldham Co. Any how I'll go with OC.
  9. I heard just your normal garden variety rain. Is there some severe weather coming around 7-7:30 kick off?
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