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  1. I’m willing to assume, but don’t kill the messenger lol. A lot of the people against this transfer rule were also FOR the “super senior” reclassification rule and bringing back a 5th yr senior. Just a thought and I could be wrong, if so sorry.
  2. I say no foul, play on.. plus he kicked his leg out to create an illusion of a foul call. Do they call that in high school, a flop?
  3. Darn, my favorite player “Thor” was out again. Hope whatever the injury is, he gets well soon for district and regional tournament.
  4. No surprise here. It’s either him or Coach Johnson/ WoFo we’re the top contenders. Congrats Coach Craig and welcome back.
  5. Some district requires seedlings, some don’t. If it’s all under the KHSAA umbrella, either seed them all (district, region and state championship) or blind draw them all… just be uniform across the board. That’s all I’m saying.
  6. The basket was big as an ocean for them against Lex Catholic, couldn’t miss. 3 days later, this?
  7. There’s this thing call RPI/ strength of schedule/ head to head game and score, common opponent etc etc etc.
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