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  1. If they find some replacements on defense, they’ll be tough to handle. At Pikeville looks like maybe their toughest game and at Bryan Station.
  2. Glad to see this for EC. Got a good group of coaches there .
  3. 1 pt game late in 3rd and CC got like 3 or 4 mid court turnovers that led to dunks … went from 1 to 9 in a minute
  4. Madison Central definitely had the edge inside. Lots of open shots for Central. LC had better step up their d if they are going to win 11th. Madison Central was without starting PG too. The Steele kid stepped in as a starter and played well. You can bank on a Feldhaus team being tough defensively. All 5 of Central’s starters can guard. That’s big when you get into post season. on the outside shooting, looked like Central challenged almost every shot, whereas the LC gave up a lot of open looks because of dribble penetration.
  5. Madison Central PG was out with injury. Maybe out til district tourney.
  6. East Jessamine is really really bad. Traveling to Madison Central could be running clock. They return almost entire offense. FD will be loaded as usually.
  7. That’s a tough early schedule. Could easily be 1-4 after the first 5.
  8. That opener will be a big time game. Madison Central will be really tough next year.
  9. Both those teams played great defensively. Once Madison Central starting hitting shots, the game changed. I think they were below 25% in the first half. I could see either of these teams winning 11th.
  10. Boyle has a legit superstar in Imfeld. He made numerous shots with hands in his face. MC is probably one the best defensive teams in the state. They can beat Pulaski definitely. No shame in Boyle's losses this year.
  11. Good win for Mad Central. 6 of their 7 losses are to top 10 teams.
  12. Douglass #s will probably keep them in 5A I would think. They aren't as large as folks think. The Belfry/Pikeville possibly being in same district in 2A is awesome.
  13. from looking at the stats, 11% on like 30 shots from 3 hurts your team a lot. From the games I saw while he was playing, he struggled to find his man defensively and turned it over quite a bit. They still are a dangerous team if they are hitting from the perimeter.
  14. They couldn't handle the mid 90's bunch from there though!!! lol
  15. May be back Wednesday. They were up 7 in the 3rd qtr at N. Laurel when he left the game .
  16. Confused on this 2A deal. Why is Lex Cath, a 4A football school, in this tourney?
  17. MC held Great Crossing to 13 pts in 2nd half to close it out.
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