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Estill County Football Facility Upgrades

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Estill County has started the construction on upgrading their football facilities. 

- Turf Field

- New Scoreboard (I think on opposite end zone from where it currently sits now)

- New Press Box

- New bleachers (home and visitor)

- Weight Room/Field House additions. 


You can follow The Engineer Report on Facebook, Estill County Athletics and Estill County Football for updates on progress. 





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2 hours ago, Paul Dean said:

I had to film one time from the top of the caboose in the rain and almost slipped and fell off.  Do they still use the caboose?

As of 4 years ago they did. It was still safer than the press box. 

Congratulations to Estill Co. I’m always happy to see when schools get an upgrade. 

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Glad to see they're putting in turf. That field gets so much use between football, soccer, and band and its location isn't conducive to holding up during the year. They've done a ton of work to their campus over the last several years and it looks great - these updates should only make it better!

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